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Turn PORTARE into a present passive infinitive.
to be carried
Turn TRAHERE into a present passive infinitive.
to be dragged
For which conjugation is the -ere dropped to form the present passive infinitive rather than just the -e?
e.g. trahere
Translate conari.
to try

(deponent verbs are translated like present ACTIVE infinitives)
Future Passive Indicative

First and Second Conjugation
Future Passive Indicative

Third and Fourth Conjugation
cras nuntii ad regem mittentur.
Tomorrow messengers will be sent to the king.
List 4 privileges a freedman enjoyed.
right to vote, make a will, business agreements, get married
List 5 things a client might be expected to do for his patron.
leave money for patron in will; forbidden to harm patron; certain # of days of work per year; show respect; assist him in misfortune
List 5 things a patron might be expected to do for his client.
sportula; pay for decent funeral; guardian for freedman's children; funds to start life; recommend client to potential customers
List crafts or skills that freedmen might have.
craftsman, teacher, musician, accountancy, trade, banking
What special privilege did only freedmen enjoy?
became one of the 6 priests
*tricked by Paris and Domitia
-wanted to get his revenge
What message about Vitellia did Domitia receive?

(Salvius's trap)
Vitellia has fallen ill and Domitia decides to visit her immediately
How had Paris been lured to Vitellia's house?
false invitation to dinner
What promise did Myropnuous make to himself?
"I will never play the pipes again until Salvius dies."
(for the undeserved death of Paris)
Whom does Epaphroditus consult to carry out his revenge on Paris and Domitia?
*often encouraged by Epaphroditus to punish Paris and Domitia
*in a celebration of the death of Paris and exile of Domitia, he ordered a splendid show in the Flavian Amphitheater
How was Paris killed?
*in an effort to escape the soldiers, Paris jumped from the tree to the roof
-it was slippery and he fell hard to the ground
*the soldiers cut off his head and delivered it to Epaphroditus
What happened to Domitia?
exiled from Italy