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*Comes from a verb; looks like a noun
*Only has 2 forms:
-Accusative: express purpose
-Ablative: extent of truth
*Translated as:
auditum-(in order)to hear
Indirect Statement
scimus mercatorem multam pecuniam habere.
We know THAT the merchant has a lot of money.

*accusative becomes subject
*infinitive becomes verb
*key words:
Roman Letters:

free time
Roman Letters:

the business of life
Roman Letters:

learning and studying
Roman Letters:

epistulae commendatciae
letters of introduction to influential persons
Roman Letters:

wax tablets
-notes, short letters, lists, receipts, and first drafts of literary works were written on wax tablets
Roman Letters:

page of papyrus
-usually expensive
-used only for important correspondence
Roman Letters:

*chartae were kept here
*unrolled as it was read
Roman Letters:

-sometimes it was impossible for a Roman to write ALL their letters in their own hand(if wealthy)
-if letters were written by secretaries, authors would often add a line or two in their own hand
Roman Letters:

the famous orator and lawyer
-wrote over 900 letters
-some provided views on politics
-letters served as a model for many Roman writers, including Pliny the Younger
Roman Letters:

Pliny the Younger(A.D.61-112)
*letters resemble Cicero's
-however, his were written more self-consciously and selectively, with a view to future publication
-letters are fluent, elegant, and polished
Roman Letters:

literary prestige
-the motive for publishing literary works, including letters, was not money but literary prestige
ex urbe

Glabrio to Lupus
(My Work, Your Leisure)
*I envy you very much
-I am busy everyday w/ business
-greeted by clients
-go to senate house to hear or give speeches
-private and public duties

-you meanwhile lie on the riverbank or in the shadow of a tree, pleased by the song of the birds
ex urbe

Glabrio to Lupus
(Domitian's triumph)
One Side:
-"Our emperor has overpowered the barbarians and now the Germans are being led through the streets in triumph!"

The Other Side:
-"Those who are being led through the streets are not Germans but slaves dressed up in costume from Spain! This Emperor has conquered few little men!"
ex urbe

Glabrio to Lupus
(The Vestal Virgins)
*I am ordered to be present at the council of the Emperor
-I obey unwillingly
-it is shameful to tell lies and dangerous to speak the truth

Vestal Virgins: their crime was great and their punishment well-deserved
*However, Domitian punished the Virgins for unchastity, while he himself lives a very immoral life
ex urbe

Glabrio to Lupus
(Poet Valerius Martiales)
-his verse is always elegant, sometimes dirty
-I blame him b/c he flatters the Emperor too much
vita rustica

Lupus to Glabrio
(Joy and Grief at the Same Time)
-I have been expecting a letter from you for such a long time

-You are being oppressed by so much work
vita rustica

Lupus to Glabrio
(Activities in the Country)
*I ride horses through the fields, sometimes to examine the farm
*Hunt in the nearest forest
-neighbors believe big boar is hidden there

*However, I am not completely at leisure
-I am annoyed by tenant-farmers continually
vita rustica

Lupus to Glabrio
(My Illness)
*The Doctor
-ordered me to abstain from wine and take medicine
-visited by him for 7 days, but illness worsened
-so I dismissed the doctor, began to drink wine, and poured my medicine down the drain
-at once, I got better
vita rustica

Lupus to Glabrio
(My son, Helvidius)
*I see him very rarely
-he returned to the city, probably to see some girl
-he cares about nothing but girls and chariots
vita rustica

Lupus to Glabrio
(Poet Martial)
*I agree that he is a good poet
-he is praised by all my friends
vita rustica

Lupus to Glabrio
*You are a warning to me
-in your letter, you repeatedly wrote about a certain powerful man (who I do not want to name)
-you must beware
*it is dangerous to write about powerful men, b/c they quickly become angry, slow to be soothed

*My father offended the Emperor Vespasian and has been killed
-your health and safety is a great care to me