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Culture: Clients and Patrons

Clients vs. Patrons
*Patrons expected:
*Clients expected:
*Morning Call
-dress in dirty togas
-sportula (little basket of food or money)
-martial (satire)
Patronage system
*patronage system in Rome showed that the people were divided into clearly defined ranks
1. Emperor
2. Senators
3. Equites
4. Plebs
Plebeians (Plebs)
Majority of the people; small businessmen or craftsmen
a huge and obese man with an arrogant expression
a very beautiful girl who had arrived from Greece with many bags and luggage
Translate the following ablative absolute:

omnibus tacentibus, libertus nomina recitavit.
With everyone being quiet, the freedman recited names.

Or, can also be translate:
When everyone was quiet...
Translate the following ablative absolute:

mercatore profecto, res dira accidit.
With the merchant having set out, dreadful things happened.

Also, can be translated:
After the merchant had set out...
Is this a positive or negative purpose clause?

per vias celeriter contendebamus ne tardi ad arcum adveniremus.
negative (NE)

We were quickly hurrying through the streets so that we might not arrive late to the arch.
What two things are involved in an ablative absolute and in what case are they?
Noun and Participle

Ablative Case
patron who is accepting clients for the salutatio
-for dinner
-to draw up accounts
*Euphrosyne is stunned by this
expert with good taste
What was Rome's coastal port?
Describe the shape of Tiber Island.
built to look like a ship sailing the river
-complete w/ rostrum
full of stores and large multi-storied insulae; most inhabitants were poor
What was the Cloaca Maxima?
central drain
-underground channels carry sewage and waste water to this drain