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coror, conari, conatus sum
to try
moror, morari, moratus sum
to remain, delay, stay
vereor, vereri, veritus sum
to be afraid, fear
collabor, collabi, collapsus sum
to collapse
colloquor, colloqui, collocutus sum
to converse, speak together
consequor, consequi, consecutus sum
to catch up to, overtake
loquor, loqui, locutus sum
to speak, talk
proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum
to set out, leave
sequor, sequi, secutus sum
to follow
egredior, egredi, egressus sum
to go out, leave
ingredior, ingredi, ingressus sum
to go in, enter
regredior, regredi, regressus sum
to go back, return
experior, experiri, expertus sum
to test, try