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Spiro, spirare, spiravi, spiratum
to breathe
Sto, stare, steti, statum
to stand, stay
Supero, superare, superavi, superatum
to overcome, conquer
Tempto, temptare, temptavi, temptatum
to try, test
Veto, vetare, vetui, vetitum
to deny, say no
Vigilo, vigilare, vigilavi, vigilatum
to call, summon
voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatum
to call, summon
volo, volare, volavi, volatum
to fly
ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsum
to burn, be on fire
audeo, audere, ausus sum
to dare
augeo, augere, auxi, auctum
to increase, enlarge
careo, carere, carui, cariturus
to lack, be without (abl. Object)
caveo, cavere, cavi, cautum
to beware, on guard
contineo, continere, continui, contentum
to hold together, contain
debeo, debere, debui, debitum
to owe; ought, should, must
decet, decere, decuit, debitum
it is right, fitting, proper (impersonal)
deleo, delere, delevi, deletum
to destroy
doceo, docere, docui, doctum
to teach
doleo, dolere, dolui, dolitum
to feel pain, to cause pain
exerceo, exercere, exercui, exercitum
to make strong, train, harass
fleo, flere, flevi, fletum
to weep
habeo, habere, habui, habitum
to have, hold, consider, regard
horreo, horrere, horrui,
to bristle
iaceo, iacere, iacui
to reline, lie
impleo, implete, implevi, impletum
to fill up
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum
to order
lateo, latere, latui
to lie hidden
maneo, manere, mansi, mansum
to stay
mereo, merere, merui, meritum
to deserve, earn
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtum
to mix
moneo, monere, monui, monitum
to warn, advise
moveo, movere, movi, motum
to move
noceo, nocere, nocui, nocitum
to harm, be harmful (with dat.)
paenitet, paenitere, paenituit
to regret (with gen.) (impersonal)
pareo, parere, parui, paritum
to be obedient, obey
pateo, patere, patui
to lie open, exposed
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasum
to persuade (with dat.)
placeo, placere, placui, placitum
to please (with dat)
praebeo, praebere, praebui, praebitum
to offer
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsum
to answer, correspond (usually w dat.)
retineo, retinere, retinui, retentum
to hold back, keep
rideo, ridere, risi, risum
to laugh, smile
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessum
to sit, stay put
soleo, solere, solitus sum
to be in the habit of doing something, usually do something
studeo, studere, studui
to be eager, be busy with (usually w dat.)
sustineo, sustinere, sustinui, sustentum
to support, uphold
taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum
to be quiet
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum
to have, hold
terreo, terrere, terrui, territum
to scare
timeo, timere, timui
to fear, be afraid
valeo, valere, valui, valitum
to be strong
video, videre, vidi, visum
to see; (passive voice) to seem, be seen
accedo, accedere, accessi, accessum
to approach, go near (w in or ad in the acc.)
accido, accidere, accidi
to happen, fall down, ask for help
addo, addere, addidi, additum
to add, give to
ago, agere, egi, actum
to do, drive, lead, be busy
alo, alere, alui, altum
to cherish, nourish
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissum
to send away, let go, lose
appareo, apparere, apparui, apparitum
to appear
ascendo, ascendere, ascendi, ascensum
to go up, climb
bibo, bibere, bibi, bibitum
to drink
cado, cadere, cecidi, casum
to fall
caedo, caedere, cecidi, caesum
to cut, kill
cano, canere, cecini, cantum
to sing, play (an instrument)
cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum
to go, withdraw, yield
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretum
to separate, distinguish, pick out
cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctum
to surround, wrap
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum
to close, conclude
cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognitum
to learn; (in the perfect system ) to know
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactum
to compel, gather, drive, force
colligo, colligere, collegi, collectum
get together, collect
colo, colere, colui, cultum’
to pay attention to, nurture, cultivate
comedo, comedere, comedi, comesum or comestum
to eat up
committo, committere, commisi, commissum
to connect, combine, entrust
condo, condere, condidi, conditum
to found, build; put in safe keeping, hide
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutum
to stand or set something up, decide
consulo, consulere, consului, consultum
to consult
contemno, contemnere, contempsi, contemptum
to despise
contendo, contendere, contendi, contentum
to strain, hurry, fight
credo, credere, credidi, creditum
to trust, rely on, believe (usually with dat.)
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum
to grow
curro, currere, cucurri, cursum
to run
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensum
to defend, drive off
dico, dicere, dixi, dictum
to tell, say
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectum
to love, esteem, pick out
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessum
to leave, separate
disco, discere, didici
to learn
duco, ducere, duxi, ductum
to lead someone someplace, lead
emo, emere, emi, emptum
to buy
exuo, exuere, exui, exutum
to strip
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsum
to deceive
figo, figere, fixi, fixum
to fasten, affix
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictum
to shape, form
fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluxum
to flow
frango, frangere, fregi, fractum
to break
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusum
to pour
gero, gerere, gessi, gestum
to carry, wage, accomplish
gigno, gignere, genui, gentium
to give birth, cause
impono, imponere, imposui, impositum
to put upon
induo, induere, indui, indutum
to put on, dress
induo, induere, indui, indutum
to put on, dress
instituo, instituere, institui, institutum
to set up, instruct, decide
instruo, instruere, instruxi, instructum
to build, equip
intellego, intellegere, intellexi, intellectum
to understand, be aware of, appreciate
intendo, intendere, intendi, intentum
to stretch, intend, aim at
invideo, invidere, invidi, invisum
to cast the evil eye; envy (with dat.)
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctum
to join, connect
laedo, laedere, laesi, laesum
to hurt
lego, legere, legi, lectum
to choose, pick, gather, read
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusum
to play, deceive
metuo, metuere, metui, metutum
to fear
mitto, mittere, misi, missum
to send, release, throw, make something go away under its own power
neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectum
to neglect
nosco, noscere, novi, notum
to learn; (in perfect system) to know, recognise
occido, occidere, occidi, occisum
to kill
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursum
to meet (with dat.)
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentum
to show
pando, pandere, pandi, pansum or passum
to open up, stretch
parco, parcere, peperci, parsum
to spare, be sparing
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsum
to push, drive
pendo, pendere, pependi, pensum
to hang, weigh, pay
pergo, pergere, perrexi, perrectum
to continue
permitto, permittere, permisi, permissum
to allow, send through, throw
peto, petere, petii or petivi, petitum
to look for, ask, head for, attack
pono, ponere, posui, positum
to put, lay
premo, premere, pressi, pressum
to press, push
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditum
to betray, hand over
promito, promittere, promisi, promissum
to promise, send ahead
quaero, quaerere, quievi, quietum
to look for, ask
reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditum
to give back, surrender, repeat
rego, regere, rexi, rectum
to rule, guide
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictum
to abandon, leave
requiro, requirere, requisii or requisivi, requisitum
to demand, ask, look for
reverto, revertere, reverti, reversum
to turn back
rumpo, rumpere, rupi, ruptum
to break, burst
scindo, scindere, scidi, scissum
to cut
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptum
to write, draw
sino, sinere, sivi, situm
to let, allow
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutum
to loosen, untie, pay
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsum
to scatter, sprinkle
sperno, spernere, sprevi, spretum
to reject, scorn
statuo, statuere, statui, statutum
to set up, stop, decide
sterno, sternere, stravi, stratum
to spread, stretch
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptum
to take, assume
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum
to rise
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactum
to touch
tego, tegere, texi, tectum
to cover
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tentum or tensum
to stretch, try
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatum
to raise, carry away, destroy
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum
to hand over, surrender
traho, trahere, traxi, tractum
to pull, drag
veho, vehere, vexi, vectum
to carry; to ride (middle voice w abl.) ?
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditum
to sell
verto, vertere, verti, versum
to turn
vinco, vincere, vixi, victum
to conquer
vivo, vivere, vixi, victum
to live
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptum
to welcome, receive
aspicio, aspicere, aspexi, aspectum
to look at
capio, capere, cepi, captum
to take, catch
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectum
to finish
conicio, conicere, conieci, coniectum
to hurl
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitum
to desire, long for
effugio, effugere, effugi
to escape
eripio, eripere, eripui, ereptum
to grab, take out violently
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptum
to take out, take up, catch, receive
facio, facere, feci, factum
to make, do
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitum
to run away, flee
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactum
to throw
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptum
to begin
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectum
to kill
pario, parere, peperi, partum
to give birth, produce
percutio, percutere, percussi, percussum
to hit, strike
rapio, rapere, rapui, raptum
to take (forcefully)
recipio, recipere, recepi, receptum
to accept, take back
respicio, respicere, respexi, respectum
to look back
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptum
to undertake, accept
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum
to open, uncover
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum
to open, uncover
audio, audire, audivi, auditum
to hear, listen
custodio, custodire, custodii or custodivi, custoditum
to guard
dormio, dormire, dormivi, dormitum
to sleep
evenio, evenire, eveni, eventum
to come out, result
finio, finire, finivi, finitum
to finish
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventum
to come upon, find
munio, munire, munii, munitum
to fortify
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum
to not know
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventum
to arrive
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum
to find
scio, scire, scivi, scitum
to know
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensum
to feel, perceive, experience, realize
sepelio, sepelire, sepelii or sepelivi, sepultum
to bury
servio, servire, servivi, servitum
to be a slave, serve
venio, venire, veni, ventum
to come
arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum
to think
conor, conari, conatus sum
to try, attempt
cunctor, cunctari, cunctatus sum
to hesitate, delay
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum
to encourage, urge
imitor, imitari, imitatus sum
to copy
miror, mirari, miratus sum
to marvel at, wonder, be amazed
moror, morari, moratus sum
to hesitate, delay, kill time
precor, precari, precatus sum
to pray
audeo, audere, ausus sum
to dare
confideor, confiteri, confessus sum
to confess, admit
gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus sum
to rejoice, be happy
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum
to promise
reor, reri, ratus sum
to think, judge
tueor, tueri, tutus sum
to watch, protect
vereor, vereri, veritus sum
to be afraid
complector, complecti, complexus sum
to hug, embrace
consequor, consequi, consecutus sum
to follow, pursue, obtain
fruor, frui, fructus sum
to perform
fungor, fungi, functus sum
to perform
irascor, irasci, iratus sum
to become angry
labor, labi, lapsus sum
to slip
loquor, loqui, locutus sum
to talk, speak
nascor, nasci, natus sum
to be born
obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus sum
to forget (with gen.)
quereor, queri, questus sum
to complain
sequor, sequi, secutus sum
To follow
ulciscor, ulcisci, ultus sum
To avenge
utor, uti, usus sum
(w abl.) to use; to benefit oneself (by means of)
aggredior, aggredi, aggressus sum
to attack, approach
egredior, egredi, egressus sum
to leave, go out
ingredior, ingredi, ingressus sum
to step in, begin
patior, pati, passus sum
to suffer, experience
experior, experiri, expertus sum
to try, test, prove
mentior, mentiri, mentitus sum
to lie, deceive
orior, oriri, ortus sum
to rise
potior, potiri, potitus sum
to acquire
Agito, agitare, agitavi, agitatum
To agitate, think about, get something going
Ambulo, ambulare, ambulavi, ambulatum
To walk
Amo, amare, amavi, amatum
To like, to love
Appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatum
To call (often by name)
Armo, armare, armavi, armatum
To equip with weapons
Canto, cantare, cantavi, cantatum
To sing, play an instrument
Celebro, celebrare, celebravi, celebratum
To visit often, make well known
Certo, certare, certavi, certatum
To struggle, decide by contest
Cesso, cessare, cessavi, cessatum
To do nothing, slack off
Cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatum
To think, ponder
Comparo, comparare, comparavi, comparatum
To prepare, buy, furnish
Consto, constare, constavi, constatum
To stand together, stand still, stop
Creo creare, creavi, creatum
To create, elect
Curo, curare, curavi, curatum
To take care of
Do, dare, dedi, datum
To give (as a gift)
Dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum
To hesitate, to doubt
Erro, errare, erravi, erratum
To wander, be wrong
Existimo, existimare, existimavi, existimatum
To think, judge, evaluate
Exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatum
To wait for
Habito, habitare, habitavi, habitatum
To live, dwell, inhabit
Ignoro, ignorare, ignoravi, ignoratum
To not know
Impero, imperare, imperavi, imperatum
To give an order (with dative)
Indico, indicare, indicavi, indicatum
To make known, betray
Intro, intrare, intravi, intratum
To enter
Iuro, iurare, iuravi, iuratum
To swear
Iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutum
To help, please
Laboro, laborare, laboravi, laboratum
To work, suffer
Laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatum
To praise
Lavo, lavare, lavi, lautum/lavatum/lotum
To wash
Libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum
To set free
Mando, mandare, mandavi, mandatum
To entrust, order
Memoro, memorare, memoravi, memoratum
To remind, mention
Monstro, monstrare, monstravi, monstratum
To show
Muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatum
To change, move
Narro, narrare, narravi, narratum
To tell (in story form)
Navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatum
To sail
Neco, necare, nevaci, necatum
To kill
Nego, negare, negavi, negatum
To deny, say no
Nomino, nominare, nominavi, nominatum
to name, call, mention
Nomino, nominare, nominavi, nominatum
To name, mention
Nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatum
To announce
Occupo, occupare, occupavi, occupatum
To seize
Opto, optare, optavi, optatum
To choose
Orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatum
To decorate
Oro, orare, oravi, oratum
To beg, ask, speak, pray
Paro, parare, paravi, paratum
To get ready, obtain, prepare
Porto, portare, portavi, portatum
to carry, bring
Postulo, postulare, postulavi, postulatum
to demand
Propero, properare, properavi, properatum
to hurry
Pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum
to fight
Puto, putare, putavi, putatum
to think, value
Regno, regnare, regnavi, regnatum
to rule
Recovo, revocare, revocavi, revocatum
to call back
Rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum
to ask
Simulo, simulare, simulavi, simulatum
to pretend
Sono, sonare, sonui, sonitum
to make a sound
Specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatum
to watch
Spero, sperare, speravi, speratum
to expect, hope