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a savanna that has flat terrain and moderate rainfall, which make it suitable for farming
a vast area of grassland and rich soil in south-central south america
a large grassy, treeless area in south america , used for grazing and farming
important export for mexico and venezuela
brazil is enriched with what type of electric power, and why?
hydroelectric power, because of its rivers and waterfalls
slash and burn...who is it most common upon?
land that is cut down and then burned to clear the land for farming. Most common among subsistant farmers.
reducing the size of any forest
terraced farming
the ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountain sides. Large steps are cut into the hillside and plants are planted on the steps. Prevents soil erosion.
people are moving from farms and villages into cities
push and pull factors
factors that cause a person to leave their home and move elsewhere.
the conflict between what two groups affected the development of mexico?
native peoples and settlers from spain.
how was life changd in mexico from the spanish conquest?
nativelife was torn apart, conquered the aztecs, spanish language and religeon was brought about.
why are mexican moving to cities?
because they see economic opportunity there.
why is NAFTA important to mexico?
it has created a huge zone of cooperation on trade and economic issues, creates new jobs, less tax
whydo mexican emigrate to the U.s.
in search of work
why is education important to mexico?
so you nger people can get good paying jobs
why is ancient central america considered a culteral hearth?
because the mayna people built a great civilization that spread throughout the region
what brought about the United Provinces of Central America?
central america declared its independance from mexico
where did african influence in the caribbean come from?
slaves brought to the carribbean to work on sugr plantations
who were the european powers in the carribean and how did they earn most of their wealth?
spanish, french, british, dutch, danish....sugar plantations
what are the 2 main cultural blends of the caribbean?
native american influences and spanish settlers
what are the cultural blends of the carribean islands?
spain, french, british, dutch, danish, african, native american ( European, African, Natives)
what are 3 reasons for poverty in central and south america?
colonialism, natural resources are exported instead of being used in the region, sugar trade declined.
why is the panama canal importat?
major waterway, ships from both hemishperes use it, makes panama a crssroad of world trade, amde it possible to exchange goods and ideas
what is an informal economy?
jobs without benefit or protection , jobs that take place outside official channels
why might reggae be popular inthe caribbean?
because the carribean music fed into the roots of reggae, the music is one element that lures tourists to the regioon, creates jobs, it focuses on social problems, and religous percecution
what ancient cicilization was located in the andes mountains?
the incas
what is one lasting legacy of the incas?
thir language
what is a cultural mosaic?
a number of societies with different cultures living together but not mixing
what south america to produce a wide variety of products?
because of its unique combination of resources, landforms, climate, and vegitation
wgat country is south americas success story?
is the literacy rate in south america higher or lower that parts of other latin america?
why is high litercay rate important to a country?
so you can go to college and get higher paying jobs
what kind of government does latin america have?
oligarchy-gov. by a few
latin america was ruled by small groups of spanish governors
censorship of press, limited free speech, punished dissent, dicriminated against many groups, staged elections
if the gov. had trouble controlling people the military would step in and seize power forming a what?
junta- a harsh gov. run my generals
20th century the peopel were ruled by a military director that is called what?
what were caudillos supported by?
-supported by military
-supported by the wealthy
-sometimes elected by the people
caudillos were members of of what?
thw PRI ( insitution Revolutionary Party)
caudillos in the PRI dominated the mexican politics by doing what?
using fraud and corruption to win elections
the creation of a democratic gov. in latin america requires what three things?
political, economic, and land reforms
what three things are necessary for a democratic gov?
establishment of constitutional gov., participation of citizens, recognition of the role of women in politics
land reform
the process of breaking up large landholdings and giving portions of the land to land-poor peasent farmers
what is the most southern tip of latin america?
tierra del fuego
what mountain range runs down the pacific coast of south ameica?
the andes
which river begins in the andes and flows eastward across south america to the atlantic ocean?
the amazon
where is most of the south american rain forest located?
what is a growing industry throughout latin america?
what cattle grazing area is known for its gaucho culture?
what was the name of the capital in the aztec culture?
the economies of central america and the caribbean are primarily based on what two factors?
agriculture and tourism
what dance combines a brazilian dancewith african influences?
the samba
what two countries gained control of the land in south america as a result of thetreaty of tordesillas?
spain and portugal
biodiversity refers to a wide range of what species?
plants, insects, wildlife
what is the most important reason that many latin american citizens are unable to take advantage of the free market econmoy?
they lack education and cant get meaningful jobs
what is the goal of land reform?
to divide land and wealth more fairly.
what two countries does the orinco river drain?