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When did the Mayan civilization thrive?
300 - 900 A.D.
system of writing using symbols used by Mayan and Aztecs
When did the Aztecs arrive in the Valley of Mexico?
the 1100s
Where did the Aztecs finally settle?
Lake Texcoco
When did the Mayans leave their cities?
900 A.D.
Name two great cities built by the Mayans.
Copan and Tikol
When did the Aztecs start conquering other people?
in the 1400s
What was the Aztec capital?
What was the main food of Mayans?
Where was the Valley of Mexico?
In Central Mexico, it includes present day Mexico City
What does maize mean?
It means both the plant and the kernals of corn
What are some of the Aztec civilization accomplishments?
They built a center of trade and learning. Their doctors made medicines from plants. They predicted eclipses. They used hieroglyphics.
What were some of the Mayan civilization accomplishments?
They designed an accurate calendar. They developed hieroglyphics. They developed a number system.
What was the Mayan Farmers most important crop?
What was the game played by Mayans that was like basketball?