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accipio, ere, cepi, ceptus
adsum, esse, fui
be present, assist
aeqour, oris
sea, waves
agmen, inis
army, line, troop
ago, ere, egi, actus
lead, drive, do
ajo, ais, ait, ajunt
say speak assert
alius, a, ud
other, another, else
altus, a um
high, lofty, deep
amor, amoris
love, desire, passion
anima, ae
air, breath, life, soul
animus, i
soul, spirit, breath, courage, pride
antiquus, a, um
old, aged
ara, ae
ardeo, ere, arsi, arsus
burn, be eager
arma, orum
arms, weapons
arvum, i
plowed land, field
arx, arcis
citadel, fort
at, ast
but, yet, however
ater, tra, trum
black, gloomy, deadly
audio, ire, ivi, itus
aura, ae
breeze, air, favor
either, or
bellum, i
war, fight
caelum, i
sky, heaven
campus, i
plain, field
capio, ere, cepi, captus
take, seize, catch
caput, itis
head, summit, life
casus, us
chance, fortune
cerno, ere, crevi, cretus
discern, perceive
around, about, near
clamor, oris
shout, roar, applause
classis, is
fleet, army, ship
comes, itis
comrade, follower
conjunx, jugis
corpus, oris
body, corpse
when, while, since, although, with
cunctus, a, um
all, whole, entire
cura, ae
care, anxiety, grief
cursus, us
course, running, haste
from, of, concerning
dea, ae
deus, i
god, divinity
dexter, (e)ra, (e)rum
right (hand), favorable
dico, ere, dixi, dictus
say, speak, tell
dictum, i
word, speech, command
dies, diei
day, time, season
divus, a, um
divine, heavenly
do, dare, dedi, datus
give, grant, allow, put, place
domus, us
house, family
donum, i
gift, offering, prize
duco, ere, duxi, ductus
lead, draw out
while, as long as, until
e, ex
out of, from
ego, mei
eo, ire, ivi, itus
go, proceed, come
equus, i
eripio, ere, ui, reptus
snatch, tear away, rescue, hasten
stray, wander
facio, ere, feci, factus
do, make, perform
fama, ae
fame, report, reputation
fatum, i
fate, destiny, doom, oracle
fero, ferre, tuli, latus
bear, endure, carry off, wear
ferrum, i
iron, sword, weapon
fessus, a, um
tired, weary
finis, is
end, limit, border
flamma, ae
flame, torch, fire
fluctus, us
wave, tide, flood, sea
for, fari, fatus
speak, say, tell
fors, fortis
chance, fortune
fortuna, ae
fortune, chance, luck
fuga, ae
flight, haste, exile, speed
fugio, ere, fugi
flee, escape
fundo, ere, fundi, fusus
pour out, shed, mlay low, slay
furo, ere, ui
rage, rave, be fanatic
futurus, a, um
future, destined, impending, about to be
geminus, a, um
twin, double, two
genitor, oris
begetter, father, sire
gens, gentis
clan, race, nation, herd
genus, eris
birth, origin, race, descendant, family
habeo, ere, ui, itus
have, hold, consider
not, by no means, not at all
alas, ah, ah me
here, there
hic, haec, hoc
this, that, he, she, it
from this place, hence
honos, oris
honor, glory, reward, offering, charm
to this place, hither, here
idem, eadem, idem
ignis, is
fire, flame, light, lightning, star, passion
ille, la, lud
that, he, she, it
immanis, e
huge, monstrous, dreadful, mighty, cruel
imperium, i
command, power, rule, realm
in, on, in the case of, among, into, against
infelix, icis
unfortunate, accursed, unhappy, unlucky
inferus, a, um
low, below, underneath
ingens, entis
enourmous, huge, mighty
between, among, during
ipse, sa, sum
(him, her, it)self, very
ira, ae
wrath, rage, anger, passion
is, ea, id
this, that, he, she, it
now, already, finally
jubeo, ere, jussi, jussus
command, order, bid, urge
labor, i, psus
slide, glide, descend, fall, perish
labos (or), oris
labor, hardship, task
lacrima, ae
tear, compassion
laetus, a, um
happy, fertile
limen, inis
threshold, doorway, entrance, shrine
litus, oris
shore, coast, beach
locus, i
place, region, situation
longus, a, um
long, wide, distant
lumen, inis
light, lamp, eye, life
lux, lucis
light, sun, day, life, glory
magnus, a, um
great, large, huge, noble, mighty
maneo, ere, mansi, mansus
remain, abide, linger, stay
manus, us
hand, band, troop, deed
mare, is
mater, tris
medius, a, um
mens, mentis
mind, feeling, intention
meus, a, um
my, mine
miser, era, erum
miserable, unhappy, wretched, unfortunate
mitto, ere, misi, missus
send, hurl, let go, end, throw
moenia, ium
walls, city
mons, montis
mountain, height
mors, rtis
death, destruction, ruin
moveo, ere, movi, motus
move, ponder
multus, a, um
much, many, abundant
munus, eris
function, duty, gift
nam, namque
for, indeed, truly
natus, i
son, child, young
navis, is
ship, boat, vessel
lest, that not, no, not
neque, nec
nor, neither, and not
nomen, nomenis
name, fame
not, no
noster, tra, trum
our, ours
novus, a, um
new, young, strange
nox, noctis
night, darkness, sleep
nullus, a, um
none, no, no one
numen, inis
divinity, divine power
now, soon, as it is
oculus, i
omnis, e
all, every, whole, universal
ora, ae
shore, coast, region, border
os, oris
mouth, face, speech
parens, entis
parent, ancestor
paro, are, avi, atus
prepare, make
part, tris
part, portion, share, side
pater, tris
patrius, a, um
paternal, native
pectus, oris
breast, heart, soul
sea, flood, waves
through, by, over, among
pes, pedis
peto, ere, ivi, itus
seek, attack, aim
pius, a, um
devoted, loyal, righteous
poena, ae
punishment, penalty, satisfaction, revenge, vengeance
pono, ere, posui, positus
put, place, establish
portus, us
port, harbor, haven
possum, posse, potui
be able, can
primus, a, um
first, foremost, chief
far, at a distance
puer, i
boy, child
puppis, is
stern, ship, vessel
quaero, ere, quaesitus
seek (in vain), miss, inquire, ask
qui, quae, quod
who, which, what, that
quis (qua), quid, (qui, quae, quod)
who? which? what? why?
whither, where (fore), whereby
at some time, formerly, ever
refero, ferre, tuli, latus
bear back, carry off, renew, reproduce
regina, ae
regnum, i
royal power, kingdom
relinquo, ere, liqui, lictus
leave, desert, surrender
remus, i
res, rei
thing, affair, matter, deed, fact, fortune
rex, regis
ruo, ere, i, ru(i)tus
fall, rush, sink, plow
sacer, cra, crum
sacred, holy, consecrated, accursed, sacrifice
sanguis, inis
blood, race, descendant
saxum, i
stone, rock, reef, cliff, crag
but, however, moreover
sedes, is
seat, abode, habitation, bottom, tomb, shrine
sequor, i, secutus
follow, attend, pursue, seek
servo, are, avi, atus
obserbe, watch, save, guard, keep, rescue
whether, if
thus, so, in this manner
sidus, eris
star, constellation, heaven
silva, ae
forest, woods, tree
at the same time, together
socius, (i)i
ally, comrade, follower
solus, a, um
alone, only, lonely
somnus, i
sleep, slumber, dream
sto, are, steti, status
stand, halt, endure, remain
under, beneath, in, after
subeo, ire, ivi, itus
go under, bear, approach, enter, arise
himslf, herself, itself, themselves, him, her, it, them
sum, esse, fui, futurus
be, exist
abover, beyond, left
superus, a, um
upper, higher, above
surgo, ere, surrexi, surrectus
raise, spring up, surge
suus, a, um
his, her, its, thier
talis, e
such, or such sort, the following
finally, at length
tantus, a, um
so great, so much, so far
tectum, i
roof, house, home
tellus, uris
earth, land, country
telum, i
weapon, wound, blow
tempus, oris
time, occasion
tendo, ere, tetendi, tentus
stretch, hasten, strive, aim
teneo, ere, ui, tus
have, hold, restrain
terra, ae
earth, land, country, soil
tollo, ere, sustuli, sublatus
lift, raise, upheave, stir up
totus, a, um
all, every, whole, full
traho, ere, traxi, tractus
drag, lead, spend
tristis, e
sad, unhappy, dreary, fatal
tu, tui
tum, tunc
then, at that time, further
tuus, a, um
your, your own
where, when, as soon as
ullus, a, mum
any, any one
umbra, ae
shadow, shade, ghost
umerus, i
unda, ae
wave, billow, water, sea
unus, a, um
one, only, alone, single
urbs, urbis
city, town
as, when, that, so that, how
vastus, a, um
desolate, vast, enormous
vates, is
prophet, seer, bard
either, even
velum, i
cloth, canvas, sail
venio, ire, veni, ventus
come, go
ventus, i
wind, breeze, blast, air
via, ae
journey, road, way, street
victor, oris
video, ere, vidi, visus
see, perceive
vinco, ere, vici, victus
conquer, supass
vir, i
man, hero
vis, vis
force, violence, energy
vita, ae
life, soul, spirit
scarcely, feebly, with difficulty
voco, are, avi, atus
call, name, address, invoke, invite
volo, velle, volui
will, wish, be willing
volvo, ere, i, volutus
revolve, unroll, roll