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ab ovo
from the egg; from the beginning
ad hoc
improvised; for a specific occasion
ad hominem
personal, relating to an individual
ad nauseum
to the point of sickness or disgust
ante bellum
the period before a war especially the American Civil War
things that have been hidden; hidden things especially applied to parts of the Bible which have been excluded from the authorized version
a posteriori
the reasoning from effects to causes, reasoning based on past experience
a priori
deductive reasoning from causes to effects, ie without reference to experience
argumentum ad crumenam
argument appealing to self interest
argumentum as ignorantium
argument based on an adversary's ignorance
argumentum ad hominem
argument based on personal slander or praise which obscures the real points at issue
argumentum ad individuaium
argument that appeals to mens' predjudice
argumentum ad populum
argument appealing to the crowd
argumentum ex silentio
argument out of silence; argument based on the absence of firm evidence
ariston metron
the middle course is the best; the golden mean should be pursued
carpe diem
to sieze the day, enjoy the day
cleansing from the guilt purgiing of emotion through pity or fear, purification
caveat emptor
let him beware, let the buyer beware
cogito ergo sum
I think therefore I am; assumption used by Descartes
consensus facit legitum
consent makes the law
credo quia impossible
I believe because it is impossible; faith must supplant reason
de facto
existing by fact, and not by choice or right
deus ex machina
god from a machine; being or device
et cetera
and the rest; and so forth
et tu, Brute
you as well, Brutus; alleged exclamation of Caesar; exclamation of an act of treachery
ex post facto
after the fact, retrospectively; by the reason of something having been done afterwards
facta non verba
deeds not words; actions not speeches
fiat justitia, ruet caelum
let justice be done, through the heavens fall in ruin
flagrante delicto
in the heat of the crime; in the act, in compromising circumstances
fortuna favet fortibus
fortune favors the strong
fortuna nulla fides frontis
do not trust in appearance
gnothi seauton
know thyself; this maxim was written over the door of the Delphic Oravle and taken up by the Sophists
for nothing; without reward, free, gratuitous
habeas corpus
write requiring the appearance of a prisoner in court to determine the leaglity of his detention; crucial tenet of British justice, introuduced by the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679, which does not allow police to hold a person for more than a short period without a court deciding that his detention is justified
failure, tragic flaw, defect of character which brings disaster upon its bearer
insolent or overweening pride leading to disaster; a refusal to accept the authority of the gods, leading to disaster
see ibidem
the same; occurring in the same text
igorantia legis neminem excusat
ignorance of the law is not an excuse
the beginning of the text
in media res
in the middle, in the midst of affairs
in toto
as a whole, in its entirety, completely
intra vires
within one's jurisdiction or authority
in vino veritas
in wine there is truth
ipso facto
by the fact itself, intrinsically
ipso jure
by law, by judgment
lapsus calami
slip of the pen
lapsus linguae
slip of the tongue
lapsus memoriae
lapse of fault of memory
word, reason, argument; the Word
magnum opus
most important work
mea culpa
I am guilty; admission of guilt
meden agan
nothing in excess; in moderation
memento mori
reminder of death; remember that you must die
mens' sana in corpore sano
a healthy mind in a healthy body
modus operandi
method of operation
conduct, morals, customs
non sequitur
it does not follow; something which does not follow from that expressed before
obscurum per oscurius
explanation of something obscure by means of osmething even more obscure
per diem
per day, each day
turning point; sudden change of fortune
per se
by itself, inherently
persona grata
welcome person, acceptable person
persona non grada
person not welcome
post hoc ergo propter hoc
the fallacy that temporal succession implies casual relationship
post mortem
after death
quid pro quo
something for something; compensation for a concession
quo jure
by what right, on what authority?
quo vadis
where are you going? where are you heading?
reductio ad absurdum
method of disproving a proposition by assuming a conclusion to be incorrect and working back to find a contradiction
rigor mortis
stiffness of a corpse
salus populi suprema lex est
the safety of the people is the supreme law
so, thus, as it was, in this way; inserted into a text to indicate an anomaly or misspeliing which occurs throughout a text and has not been corrected for the purpose of quotation
si vis pacem para bellum
if you want peace, prepare for war
stupor mundi
world of the world
veni, vini, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered; statement attributed to Caesar
word for word; as it was written