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arbitror-arbitrari-arbitratus sum
to judge, think
conor-conari-conatus sum
to try
fido-fidere-fisus sum (dat)
to trust
fruor-frui-fructus sum (+abl)
to enjoy
fungor-fungi-functus sum (abl)
to preform
ingredior-ingredi-ingressus sum
to enter, march
loquor-loqui-locutus sum
to speak
moror-morari-moratus sum
to delay
patior-pati-passus sum
to suffer, allow
potior-potiri-potitus sum (+abl)
to acquire
profiscor-profisci-profectus sum
to set out, depart
sequor-sequi-secutus sum
to follow, accompany, pursue
utor-uti-usus sum (+abl)
to use
vescor-vesci (abl)
to eat, feed on