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At what age does the body start declining?
What two things determine which organs are particularly vulnerable to aging in a certain individual?
-environmental stresses
What four aspects of our lives are commonly affected by aging?
How is sleep affected?
-reduced total sleep time
-more frequent awakenings
-reduced sleep eficiency
How is appetite affected?
-less energy expenditure
-exacerbated by diminished taste and smell sensation
How is memory affected?
-only short term memory is really diminished
Explain the difference btw remembering and retrieving
-remember=to recall instantly
-retrieve=to find the answer
what happens to our mental capacity in our 40s?
-mental processing speed declines
-problems with short term memory begin
What happens to our mental capacityin our 50s?
-perceptino slows
-not a quick to recall info
-have trouble learning and multi tasking
What happens to our mental capacity in our 70s?
-difficulty maintaining attention and focus
What are the mental advantages gained by age?
-vocab improves with age
-more apt to think broadly
-more factual knowledge at one's disposal
-better able to recognize patterns
What causes reduced energy?
-exacerbated by chronic disease (lung or heart)
-can be exacerbated by meds
What can we do to have a positive physiological affect on our health as we age?
-good diet
-positive attitude
How many people over 65 have at least one chronic illness?
-4 out of 5
3 problems often misdiagnosed as senility?
-treatable physical illness
what is ageism?
-negative stereotypes toward old people by young adults
-such as lonliness, poor health, and infirmity
what percent of medical care does medicare cover?
what are the percieved advantages of retirement?
-explore new interests
-deepen older interests
What are the percieved disadvantages to retirement?
-dec income
-adjustment period
-can get boring
What is intimacy?
-defn=closeness btw persons who are willing to share what and who they are
-intimate relationships are necessary to feel alive
What is Erikson's 8th stage of life?
integrity vs despair
-sense of satisfaction when reflecting on one's own life
-result of intimacy
-result of narcissism
-failure to accept one's life
-person fears death
-baby talk which is directed at older adults
-should not be used
When is a paternalistic role warranted in the care of an elderly person?
-if that person is too ill to choose freely but would like to give ex post facto consent after the situation is resolved
-also warranted if it helps the patient to achieve improved mental or physical health
Diogenes syndrome
-when self neglect becomes life threatening
What are two common personality changes that go along with aging?
-stress can lead to exaggeration of personality traits
-expansion of the self; active vs passive
Why are proper coping mechanisms necessary for successful aging?
-because phycological age (maturity) depends on an individual's coping mechanisms
What are the obstacles to diagnosing depression in the elderly?
-stigma assoc with mental illness
-symptoms often just attributed to age
-emphasis on somatic complaints by the elderly
what are some of the clinical presentations of elderly patients with substance use disorders?
-poor hygeine
catastrophic rxn
-agitation under stressful conditions
-secondary to awareness of ones deficits