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Gracci Bros
Tiberus and Gaius
redistribute land to poor
went against pol. tradition
tried to reform system, Senate killed them
Crassus and Sparticus
Sparticus- leads slave rebellion, army made up of gladiators
Crassus- forms his own army, defeats Sparticus
prolific author, Cattaline leads rebellion, Cicero suppresses this rebellion
sides with Pompey, warns Rome about M.A.
M.A. decaps him
sucessful politician
rules Rome when Caesar is in Gaul
forms Triumverate with Caesar and Crassus
Crassus dies
Relationship with Caesar deteriorates
civil war, after Pompey demands Caesar give up his land
Battle of Farcales
deciding battle between Caesar and Pompey
assassignated by Senators
battle between M.A. and Octavian for power