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Any material dispensed from a pressurized container using a gas propellant
A mist of sufficient concentration to obscure vision
What size are the particles of fumes?
1 micrometer or less
A material that under normal conditions of temperature and pressure tends to occupy the entire space uniformly
A finely divided liquid droplet suspended in air and generated by condensation or atomization
The concentration level of a contaminant when the odor becomes notticeable
Odor threshold limit
What percent must the Oxygen be to use air purifying respirator?
What size is a smoke particle?
< 0.1 micrometer
Who appoints the respirator protection manager?
Commanding Officer (CO)
How soon must the Respirator Protection Manager (RPM) be qualified upon appointment?
Within 3 months
Who assist the RPM in identifying and evaluating hazards?
Medical Department Representative
Who assist the RPM in selecting appropriate respirators?
Medical Department Representative
Personnel issuing respiratory protective equipment must ensure that they issue respirators to what type of personnel?
Personnel who are trained, medically qualified, and successfully fit tested for the particular respirator requested
Who maintains a roster of personnel enrolled in the respiratory protection program?
Who conducts Respirator fit testing?
What are the two basic types of respirators?
Air purifying & atmosphere supplying
What percentage of oxygen is considered adequate?
What is the most important thing to consider in a hazard assessment?
Determining the type of contamimant and its concentration
What type of air purifying respirator uses catridges, filters, and pre-filters?
What type of air purifying respirator uses cartridges and canisters?
Gases and Vapors
What type of air purifying respirator uses organic vapor and particulate?
Which sub-type of Atmosphere-supplying respirator supples air when user inhales creating a negative pressure on facepiece?
Which sub-type of atmosphere-supplying respirator has continuous positive pressure on facepiece?
Pressure Demand
Which sub-type of atmosphere-upplying respirator has continuous positive pressure and flow of air?
Continuos Flow
What are the types of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)?
Closed Circuit, Open Circuit, Emergency Escape Breathing Device
Which type of resprator removes air by filtering and sorting?
Air Purifying respirator
What are the three warning properties of an air contaminant?
Odor, eye irritant, respiratory irritant
Which respirator offers the greatest amount of protection?
Full face piece
What length shall the hose and configuration not exceed?
300 feet
What is the mininum air quality for the breathing air source of air-line respirators and SCBAs?
Grade D Breathing air
What is the frequency for breathing air testing?
What type of filter canister is white?
Acid gases
What type of filter canister is green?
Ammonia gas
What is the color canister for carbon monoxide gas?
What color is the canister for acid gases, ammonia, carbon monoxide and organic vapors?
What is the color of the canister for vapors and gases not listed?
What does the orange canister filter?
Fumes, dust, and mists
When must the particulate air purifying filter be replaced?
When breathing becomes difficult
When must the vapor/gas respirator catridge be replaced?
Replace cartridge when user notices warning properties of the contaminant
When entering an IDLH atmosphere, how many people should be on stand by?
at least one in an uncontaminated area
What respirator must be used upon entry into an IDLH atmosphere?
Full facepiece SCBA or air-line respirator operates in the pressure demand mode
How often must someone younger than 35 be medically evaluated?
Every 5 years
How oftten must someone 35 but younger than 45 be medically evaluated?
Every 2 years
How often must those personnel on the respirator program 45 and older be medically evaluated?