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4 Things that can cause destruction of the BBB:
5 results of BBB breakdown:
-Cerebral vasodilation
-Capillary distention
Major differences between CSF and plasma:
CSF has much more Cl and H+
Plasma has much more protein and amino acids
2 types of Brain Edema:
-Cytotoxic (intracellular)

-Vasogenic (extracellular)
Cytotoxic edema:
-Problem with what?
Problem w/ Na/K ATPase
-Electrolytes in cell increase
-Water accumulates in cells
-Swelling injures cells
Vasogenic edema:
-Problem with what?
Endothelial cells of capillaries - increased permeability; fluid accumulates along white matter tracts but leaves gray matter alone.
Define edema:
increases water in brain
Define hydrocephalus:
increased CSF pressure in brain
What feeds the internal capsule?
Anterior - lenticulostriates from MCA and ACA

Posterior - Anterior choroidal
How do spinal nerves exit the spinal column?
Via intervertebral foramen
2 types of motor nerves in the spinal cord:

alpha neurons innervate
extrafusal muscles
gamma neurons innervate:
intrafusal muscles
nucleus where NE is produced:
locus ceruleus
nucleus where dopamine is produced:
substantia nigra
nucleus where serotonin is produced:
dorsal raphe nucleus
midbrain internal contents:
-Cerebral Peduncle containing:
-cerebral aqueduct
-crus cerebri
-substantia nigra
Tegmentum composed of:
-CN 3/4 nuclei
-Red nucleus
-Reticular formation
tracts that aren't crus cerebri
Type of axons on cooling receptors
Type of axons on warming receptors