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Give two examples of NORMAL flora of the skin.
1. staph epidermis
2. staph aureus
Give two examples of Pathogenic flora of the skin.
1. strept pyogenes
2. microsporum
Give two examples of normal flora of the oral cavity.
1. moraxella
2. neisseria
What are two examples of pathogens of the oral cavity?
1. group a beta hemolytic streptococcus
2. streptococcus pnuemoniae
What are two examples of pathogenic bactera in the urine?
1. proteus
2. e.coli
What are two examples of normal flora in the GI tract?
1. candida albicans
2. prevotella
What are two examples of pathogenic flora in the GI tract?
1. Yersinia
2. Citrobacter
What organism causes strept throat?
Streptococcus pyogenes
What organism is bacitracin sensitive?
S. agaloctiae
What causes a serious newborn infection?
s. agaloctiae
What results in a dexatran production?
Streptococcus mutans
What oral microbe results in acid production and is also acid tolerant?
Lactobacillus acidophiles
What microbe produces peridontitis and Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis?
What microbe is responsible for syphillis?
What microbe is responsible for THRUSH?
Candida albicans
What organism is responsible for pharyngitis and rheumatic fever?
Streptococcus pygogenes
What causes gonohrea?
Neisseria gonorrohreae
What causes meningitis?
Neisseria meningitidis
What causes pharyngitis?
Staph aureus
What causes pnuemoniae?
Streptococcus pnuemoniae
What are tooth-pick shaped rods?
What is responsible for rheumatic fever and glomerular nephritis?
What does clostridium difficile cause?
psuedomembraneous enterocolits
Where can you obtain staph aureus in food?
cheese, fermented meat, ham
Where can you obtain salmonella?
eggs and egg products
Where can you obtain e. coli?
cheese, clostridium botulinism
What is a serious often recurrent hypersensitivity that damages heart valves and causes arthritis?
rheumatic fever
What follows an untreated Group A strep pharyngitis?
rheumatic fever
What is found mainly in kids involoving sudden loss of consciousness, cns abnormalities, and liver and kidney failure?
Reye's syndrome
What develops after chicken pox and the flu?
Reye's syndrome
Who is an individual that has a known pathogen as a component of their normal flora without exhibiting disease?
healthy carrier
What is an infection caused by a known pathogen as a component after a primary infection has weakened the host's defenses?
secondary infection
What is an antimicrobial produced by gram pos bacterium ?
What is susceptible to bacitracin?
Group A Streptococcus
What is susceptible to optochin?
S. pnuemoniae