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a device that modulates outgoing signals and demodulates incoming signals
Enable a workstation to connect to another computer using a serial connection
SLIP-Serial Line Internet Protocol
the standard for connecting home computers to an ISP via DSL or broadband cable.
PPP over Ethernet-PPPoE-
allows a remote user on a client computer to control another computer, called the host, across a LAN or WAN connection.
Remote Control
a computer that runs specialized software that allows it to act as a host and supply applications and resource sharing to remote clients.
Terminal Server
simply a secure, Web based interface to an application or group of applications
Web Portal
The process of encapsulating one type of protocol in another.
a representation of a thing or person associated with the network that belongs in NOS directory.
identify what type of objects can be specified in a director.
the record of a user that contains all of his properties, including rights to resources, password, name, and so on.
a routine of sequential instructions that runs until it has achieved its goal.
lists all computer components proven to be compatible with Windows Server 2003
HCL-Hardware Compatibility List-
a group of users, servers, and other resources that share a centralized database of account and security information.