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Which gas laser uses a pulse mode instead of a continuous mode?
What is the difference between a CO2 pumping mechanism and the rest of the gas lasers?
The only one that uses Radio Waves along with the typical electric discharge.
What types of mediums are used in a CO2 laser?
CO2, N & He
What types of mediums are used in an excimer laser?
Needs one from each of the 3 groups:
1) Ar*, Kr or Ne
2) F*, Cl, or Br (A halogen)
3) He
What are the most common mediums used in excimer lasers?
Ar, F & He
Name the gas lasers in order of least effecient to most efficient.
Krypton, Argon, Helium-Neon, Excimer, Carbon Dioxide

Which laser can have up to a 200 mm BD?
The most efficient gas laser, CO2.
Which 2 lasers have a BD of 0.6-2mm
Argon and Krypton
Which wavelengths does the Argon gas laser use?
Only one to use Blue:
1) 488nm (B)
2) 514nm (G)

(B)A(G)- wavelenGths 2gether = around 1000
Which wavelenths does Krypton use?
Uses all but Blue:
1) 647 (R)
2) 530 (G)
3) 568 (Y)
What wavelength does a He-Ne Laser use?
Red and Green
1) 633
2) 543
What wavelength does CO2 use?
usually @ 10,600 (IR-C)
What wavelength does an excimer laser use?
193nm (UV-C)
What is the lifetime for all the gas lasers?
1-10,000 hrs for Ar & Kr
10-20,000 hrs for He-Ne
2,000 more or less than refill- CO2
1,000 (variable)- Excimer
What type of damage mechanism does a CO2 laser use?
V&C, Photo- eVaporation & Coagulation
What should a caution sign (class 2-3A), look like?
Yellow background / black letters
When should signs be displayed?
At all times, no matter if in use or not.
Danger sign?
(Class 3b-4)
Red background w/ white letters
Notice repair?
Blue background w/ white letters
What has to be present when a 3b or 4 laser is in use?
LSO- Laser Supervising Officer