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Pedro II
the second and last emperor of Brazil
Porifiro Diaz
military general who led Mexico and believed in constervatism and centralism
Antonio Conselheiro
religous preacher and founder of the village of Canudos
Jose Batalle
former president of Uruguay, elected twice
Francisco Madero
politician, writer, revolutionary who also served as president of Mexico
Pancho Villa
Mexican revolutionary general caudillo of the North
Emiliano Zapata
a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, controlled the army of the South
Lazaro Cardenas
former President of Mexico
Anastasio Somoza
ruling family of Nicaragua
Juan Peron
Argentine general and politician, elected president 3 times
Evita Peron
second wife of Juan, First Lady
Getulio Vargas
former president of Brazil, committed suicide
Raul Prebishch
Argentine economist, Prebisch-Singer hypothesis
Augusto Pinochet
former president of Chile, economic reforms and combatted leftivists
Subcomandante Marcos
spokesperson for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (South)
Hugo Chavez
CURRENT president of Venezuela, democratic socialism
Evo Morales
CURRECT leader of Bolivia (indigenous)