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What are the unpaired cartilages of the larynx? (3)
1. Thyroid cartilage
2. Cricoid cartilage
3. Epiglottic cartilage
What are the paired cartilages of the larynx? (3)
1. Arytenoid cartilages
2. Corniculate cartilages
3. Cuneiform cartilages
Which cartilages of the larynx are elastic cartialge? (4)
1. Epiglottic cartilage
2. Corniculate cartilages
3. Cuneiform cartilages
4. Arytenoid cartilages (elastic & hyaline)
Median elevated called the laryngeal prominence is the?
thyroid cartilage
What membranes & ligaments are found in larynx? (5)
1. Thyrohyoid membrane
2. Cricothyroid membrane
3. QUadrangular membrane
4. Vestibular ligament
5. Vocal ligament
Level of cricoid cartilage?
Extends from thyroid cartilage to medial surface of hyoid bone?
Thyrohyoid membrane
Lateral portion of thyrohyoid membrane is pierce by?
1. INternal laryngeal nerve
2. Superior laryngeal vessels
Extends from arch of cricoid cartilage to thyroid cartilage & vocal processes of arytenoid cartilages?
Cricothyroid ligament
Extends from posterior surface of thyroid cartilage to vocal process of arytenoid cartilage
Vocal ligament
Vocal ligament is considered to be the upper border of?
Conus elasticus
Extends from thyroid cartilage to anterior lateral surface of arytenoid cartilage?
Vestibular (ventricular) ligament
Paired lateral portion of fibroelastic membrane that extends between superior border of entire arch of cricoid cartilage & vocal ligaments?
Conus elasticus
Conus elasticus is formed by? (3)
1. Cricothyroid
2. Median cricothyroid
3. Vocal ligaments
What are the 3 portions of the laryngeal cavity?
1. Vestibule
2. Ventricles
3. Infraglottic cavity
Which cavity extends from laryngeal inlet to vestibular (ventricular) folds
Which cavity extens between vestibular fold & vocal fold
Which cavity extends from the rima glottidis to lower border of the cricoid cartilage?
Infraglottic cavity
What is the space between the vocal folds & arytenoid cartilages?
Rima glottidis
Which folds extend from thyroid cartilage above vocal ligament to artytenoid cartilage?
Vestibular folds (false vocal cords)
Which folds extend from angle of thyroid cartilage to vocal processes of arytenoid cartilages?
Vocal folds (true vocal cords)
What are the 2 laryngeal joints & what type of joints are they?
Synovial Joints:
1. Cricoarytenoid
2. Cricothyroid
Which muscle of the larynx TENSES the vocal folds?
What is the ONLY muscle innervated by the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve?
Cricothyroid muscle
A lesion in the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve would cause?
Weakness in voice due to inability to tense vocal folds (Cricothyroid muscle)
Which is the ONLY muscle of the larynx to ABDUCT the vocal folds?
Posterior cricoarytenoid
All of the laryngeal muscles EXCEPT Cricothyroid are innervated by what nerve?
Recurrent laryngeal nerve
Which muscles ADDUCT the vocal folds?
1. Lateral cricothyroid
2. Transverse arytenoid
3. Oblique arytenoid
4. Aryepiglottic
5. Thyroarytenoid
6. Thyroepiglottic
7. Vocalis
Which arteries supply the larynx?
1. Superior laryngeal artery (from superior thyroid of ext. carotid)
2. Inferior laryngeal artery (from thyrocervical trunk)
Internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve supplies?
Sensory above vocal folds
Recurrent laryngeal nerve supplies?
Sensory below vocal folds
All muscles of larynx except cricothyroid