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LI 1
.1 cun from the lower radial corner of the index finger
Metal on Metal, Horary
Clears Heat
Revives consciousness
Yang Ming febrile disease
LI 2
Distal to the 2nd metacarpo-phalangeal joint, radial side
Water on Metal, Child
Pain, heat
Toothache, facial swelling/inflammation, epistaxis, rhinitis
Febrile disease
Shoulder/back pain
LI 3
Proximal to the 2nd metacarpo-phalangeal joint, radial side
Wood on Metal, Grandchild
Clears heat, tx sore/obstructed throat
Finger swelling
Alternate to LI 4
LI 4
Radial to mid-point of 2nd metacarpal bone, apex of muscle
Command of Face
Move Qi
Release exterior
Induces labor
Clears Heat
CI: Prego
LI 5
Anatomical snuffbox
LI 6
3 cun proximal to LI 5, on the line from LI 5 to 11
Tinintus, deafness, toothache
LI 7
5 cun proximal to LI 5, on the line form LI 5 to 11
Clears Yang Ming heat
Regulates/harmonizes LI/ST
LI 10
2 cun distal to LI 11, on the line from LI 5 to 11
Arm Three Miles
Regulates/builds Qi/Blood in Yang Ming (the level that builds Qi/Blood)
Pain along channel, toothache
LI 11
Lateral end of transverse cubital crease
Earth on Metal, Parent
Clear Heat
#1 for Hypertension
Cool Blood
LI 12
1 cun lateral, 1 cun proximal to LI 11 (when elbow is flexed)
LI 13
3 cun proximal to LI 11, on the line from LI 11 to 15
LI 14
At the distal insertion of the deltoid, between the deltoid and the brachialis muscle
LI 15
In the depression anterior and inferior to the lateral extremity of the acromion
Shoulder pain
LI 17
1 cun inferior to LI 18, on the posterior border of the SCM
LI 18
On the lateral aspect of the neck, level with the laryngeal prominence, between the two heads of the SCM
LI 19
Below the lateral margin of the nostril, level with Du 26
LI 20
In the nasolabial groove, level with the midpoint of the ala nasi
Opens the nasal passages
Beginning of the ST channel