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What is the normal TPR of a horse?
T - 99-101.5
P - 28-44
R - 6-12
Where do you find the pulse in a horse?
Facial artery - ventral mandible
What are the heart sounds catergorized as?
S1 = "lub"
S2 = "dub"
Always approach a horse from where?
Front Left Side

**avoid blind spots**
When restraining a horse what are the precautions you need to take?
>Never stand directly in front/back
>Don't stand b/t horse/wall
>Restrain away from hazards
Tail restraint is best used on what type of horse?
>small ponies
What are the 2 theories on twitching?
>Acupressure - endorphins calm
>Distracting - keeps attention on you
What is a natural twitch?
Using hands to pinch neck/shoulder skin, or ear base or upper lip
How does a mechanical twitch work?
Clamps even pressure on lips
What is a tail tie used for?
anesthetic procedure to help steady during recovery
What does borborygmi mean?
gurgling, burgling gut sounds
For abdo auscultation how many quadrants do you divide the abdo into?
How long do you listen to gut sounds? How many contractions per minute?
>minimum 1 minute
>1-3 contractions
Quantify motility of the gut?
0-no sounds
1-fewer sounds than normal, hypomtility
Where do you look for mucous membranes in the horse?
conjunctiva of eyes
vulva on female
1 hand = ____?
4 inches
You measure a horses height from?
ground to withers
Distal limb bandaging of horses is usually due to?
usually for inflammation
>wounds, swelling
Tail Wraps on horses are used for?
>during birth
>working alone
Monitor bandages daily for?
>additional swelling
>animal biting at bandage
>lameness increases
What are some ways to medicate the horse?
>add to feed
>dose syringe
>nasogastric intubation
>parenteral injections
What are some positives for adding meds to feed?
avoids restraint, less stressful for both patient and medicator
Where do you dispense meds with a dose syringe?
Dispense in cheek

**avoid incisors - will bite**
5 R's of meds?
1-right patient
2-right drug
3-right dose
4-right route
5-right location
What is the max dosage for large muscles?
What is the max dosage for small muscles?
What gauge needle do you use for IM injection in horses?

**19g most common**
What is the best techniques to use when administering an IM injection in a horse?
pop the needle in the muscle without the syringe
What are the IM locations for horses?
Lateral cervical
What is the most common IM injection site?
lateral cervical
Do not use the lateral cervical for IM injections in what type of horses?
performace horses
What is the max dosage for the lateral cervical for an IM injection?
What is the max dosage for the pectoral muscles for IM injection?
Which muscle is the last resort for IM injections?
What are the landmarks for a gluteal IM injection?
spine and greater trochar