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Protozoans, causes foamy bloody diarrhea, dull dry coat. treated with albon
pregnancy toxemia. depression weakness, lack of intereast in food, poor muscle control and balance. caused by an increased demand of energy by the offspring
Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis syndrome (CAE)
viral disease.young goats have weakness in the hind legs, older goats display swollen joints no fever or loss of appitite. diseases develope slowly over 2 years
Black leg
Caused by Clostridium chauvei. often asymptomatic, but may include : fever, lack of appitite, depression, lameness, swelled head.. drain fluid from affected areas and treat with pennicillin
occurs from consuming large amounts of concentrates (grain)depression, drunken behavior,muscle twitching, bloat, swelling on flank, grinding teeth. walking goat, drench with alkaline - ie baking soda
Caseous Lymphandenitis
Bacterial infection that penetrates the lymphnodes caused by corynebactrium pseudotuberculosis. causes abscess and fever. often euthenized as can be hard to treat. lance abscesses
Floppy kid syndrom
May be caused by too much rich milk, may also be associated with e-coli. weakness in limbs that result in paralysis drunken appearance, no signs of diarrhea or fever. give baking soda and electrolytes. wide spectrum antibiotics
Foot and mouth disease
Apthovirus. blisters form on lips, toungue, teats. tend to become lame and salivate excessivly. highly fatal
Degenerative disease that affects the nervous system of the goat. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. also caused by a prion. animals will scrape off their fleece. collapsing strange gaits and convulsive collapse.