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Birth-3 months
Preference for mother's voice
Red flags - absence of startle to loud sounds
4-6 months
Responds with a smile to caregiver's voice
First consonant sounds
Red flag - absence of startle to loud sounds
6-9 months
Responds differently to voice inflection
Canonical, reduplicated, variegated babbling
Red flags - absence of any form of canonical babbling
9-12 months
Responds to name, no, phrases from routines
Attempts to intentionally communicate by gestures
1-5 words by 1 year
Red flags - absence of interest or response to familiar words, no production of consonant sounds, does not attempt to communicate
12-15 months
comprehends/follows one step commands
Points to pictures upon request
IDs at least 3 body parts
8-10 words produced
Red flags - similar to 9-12 months
15-18 months
Comprehends about 50 words and completes 2 requests with 1 object
Produces at leat 15 meaningful words
Red flags - does not follow directions, produces 5 or fewer words
18-24 months
Comprehends novel and unusual commands
Produces 50 different words and combines these words into two word sentences
Red flags - ARTICLE
24-30 months
Comprehends size concepts, spatial concepts, and pronouns
Follows 3 element directions
3 word sentences
May restart sentences by repeating whole words
Red flags - does not follow new directions, does not combine 3 or more words together, repeats or prolongs the first sound of a word
30-36 months
Comprehends yes/no, who, what, when, where questions
3 step directions
Relates recent experiences
Speaks in complete sentences and participates in conversation
Red flag - speech is not intelligible to a new listener
36-48 months
Comprehends preacademic vocabulary, rhymers, identifies some letters
Learns new words daily
Makes inferences and talks in complete sentences
Describe remote events
Red flag - speech intelligibility unclear, repeat sounds or part of syllables when formulating sentences, does not stay on topic initiated by communication partner, does not retell events
48-60 months
Comprehends complex directions
Time/sequence concepts
Indentifies many alphabet letters and name
Identifies first and last sound in a word
Tells stories with introduction, setting, plot
All speech sounds except r, th, and v
Red flags - multiple repetition of sounds, syllables, or words in sentences, multiple articulation errors