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symbols used to write a language and rules for using them correctly
translating letters to sound
Lexical processes
identify letters and words.
activate relevant information about words.
Lexical access
identifying word, getting access to its meaning
Sound/phoneme errors
York library -> lork yibrary
snow flurries -> flow snurries
Morpheme errors
Self-destruct instruction -> self-instruct destruction
thinly sliced -> slicely thinned
word errors
writing a little to my mother -> writing a mother to my letter
exchanges / rehearsals
anticipation - phoneme level
reading list -> leading list
anticipation - word level
sun is in the sky -> sky is in the sky
Perseveration - phoneme level
beef noodle -> beef needle
Perseveration - word level
Class will be about discussing the text -> class will be about discussing the class
Addition/ Insertion
to train it -> to strained it
I just wanted to ask that-> i just wanted to that
liszts second hungarian rhapsody -> lisztz second hungarian restaurant
similar sound, different meaning
tennis player/athlete -> tennis athler
syntactic category rule
nouns replace nouns, verbs replace verbs etc...
Lexical Bias effect (word phonological interaction)
barn door -> darn bore... more likely than
dart board -> bart doard
Syntactic phonological interaction
ker hane -> her cane... more likely than
ker hame -> her came
semantic phonological interaction
oyster substituted for lobster
lets stop, instead of lets start