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to accompany
accompagner (ah-kohN-pah-nyay)
to adore
*adorer (ah-doh-ray)
to help
*aider (eh-day)
to like, love
aimer (eh-may)
to bring
apporter (ah-pohr-tay)
to arrive
*arriver (ah-ree-vay)
to look for
chercher (shehr-shay)
to order
*commander (koh-mahN-day)
to cost
coûter (koo-tay)
to ask (for)
*demander (duh-mahN-day)
to spend
dépenser (day-pahN-say)
to desire
*désirer (day-zee-ray)
to dine
*dîner (dee-nay)
to give
donner (doh-nay)
to listen (to)
écouter (ay-koo-tay)
to borrow
emprunter (ahN-pruhN-tay)
to enter
*entrer (ahN-tray)
to study
étudier (ay-tew-dyay)
to explain
*expliquer (ehks-plee-kay)
to close
fermer (fehr-may)
to keep, look after
*garder (gahr-day)
to live (in)
habiter (ah-bee-tay)
to indicate
*indiquer (aN-dee-kay)
to play
jouer (zhoo-ay)
to go up
monter (mohN-tay)
to show
montrer (mohN-tray)
to forget
oublier (oo-blee-yay)
to spend (time), pass
passer (pah-say)
to think
penser (pahN-say)
to push
pousser (poo-say),
to introduce
*présenter (pray-zahN-tay),
to lend
prêter (preh-tay),
to look at, watch
*regarder (ruh-gahr-day),
to repair
*réparer (ray-pah-ray),
to remain, stay
rester (rehs-tay),
to return (to a place)
*retourner (ruh-toor-nay),
to call by telephone
*téléphoner (tay-lay-foh-nay),
to work
travailler (trah-vah-yay),
to find
trouver (troo-vay),
to act
agir (ah-zheer)
to warn
avertir (ah-vehr-teer),
to establish
*établir (ay-tah-bleer),
to finish
*finir (fee-neer),
to cure
guérir (gay-reer),
to enjoy
jouir (de) (zhoo-eer [duh]),
to punish
*punir (pew-neer),
to reflect, think
réfléchir (ray-flay-sheer),
to fill (up/out)
remplir (rahN-pleer),
to correspond
*correspondre (koh-rehs-pohNdr),
to corrupt
corrompre (koh-rohNpr),
to defend
*défendre (day-fahNdr),
to go down
*descendre (deh-sahNdr),
to hear
entendre (ahN-tahNdr),
to interrupt
*interrompre (aN-teh-rohNpr),
to lose
perdre (pehrdr),
to give back, return
rendre (rahNdr),
to answer
*répondre (à) (ray-pohNdr [ah]),
to break
rompre (rohNpr),