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To displace and substitute for (another).
The bitter frind of Majoy Fambrough's existence had been SUPPLANT by an imminent and lovely event.
About to occur; impending.
The bitter grid of Major Fambrough's existence had been supplanted by an IMMINENT and lovely event.
To dismiss from a position of command or responsibility, especially for disciplinary reason.
"I will have you cashiered if it's the last thing I do."
Deviod of or unaffected by passion, emotion or bias.
But when the foot was finally out of danger, he ducked into the tent one afternoon, pulled a chair close to bed, and began to talk dispassionatly about something that had formed in his mind.
To remove servicable parts from for use in the repair of other equipment of the same kind.
After careful study, he cannibalized four of the tallest and sturdiest posts.
To run or ride with a steady, easy gait.
When he put Cisco into an easy canter, the lieutenant was astounded to see Two Socks ease intoa lope of his own.
To store a hidden supply of things, especially weapons or valuables, in a secret place.
his first order of business was to cache the provisions.
To put someone in an isolated or lonely place away from other people, the pressures of everyday life, or disturbances.
As she made ready to leave for the morning, the young Comanche womean was comforted by the notion that a close friend or two would be sequestered with her, women with whom time would pass easily.
Very determined and not influenced by appeals to reconsider.
if the council had been adamant, or if he put his plain into action and it went badly, there was a possibility he would be thrown band. ... The council had not been adamant; it had been befuddled.
Showing no emotion, especially on the face.
She seemed to take the news impassively at fist, sitting still as a statue on the floor of the lodge, her hands entwined on her lap, her head bowed slightly.
Earnestly asking for something.
At last, when she'd made up a beautiful verse imploring the Great Spirit to give him an honored place in the world beyond the sun, a sudden surge of emotion hit her.
a sheath, hanging from a belt, for a sword, daggar, or bayonet.
No one discouraged her when Stands With A Fist ran a belt through the scabbard of her finest knife and fastened it at her waist.
Relating to belonging to or affecting horses.
And when it came to doctoring, he knew as much or more about tending to equine ailments as any grown man in the band.
Possessing complete, unlimited or universal power and authority.
....away from the omnipotent eyes of his father...
Shaped like a cone.
there were fifty or sixty conical, hide-covered houses pitched along the stream.