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aberration, n.
unsoundness of the mind; eccentricity
askance, adv.
with a disaproving side-glance
calumny, n.
a misrepresentation intended to ruin another's reputation; defamation
connive, v.
to scheme or conspire
contumely, n.
insulting language
discomfiture, n.
great embarrassment; confusion
emulate, v.
to strive to equal or excell
filch, v.
to steal furtively or casually
imbroglio, n.
an intricate or complicated situation; conflict
indolent, adj.
disliking work; lazy; idle
mordant, adj.
biting; cutting; sarcastic
peccadillo, n.
A slight offense, sin, or fault
predilection, n.
An established preference for something
relegate, v.
to put away, usually to lower position or condition
sanguine, adj.
naturally happy or confident
spurious, adj.
not genuine or authentic
torpid, adj.
dull; inactive; sluggish
viscera, n.
the soft internal organs of the body, especially of the abdominal cavity
alacrity, n.
Brisk and eager action; liveliness
asperity, n.
harshness or sharpness of temper; "rough around the edges"
captious, adj.
hard to please; faultfinding; apt or designed to entrap or entangle by subtlety
consternation, n.
great dismay; paralyzing terror
dearth, n.
a scarcity; lack; too small a supply
efficacious, adj.
effective and producing the desired results
exigency, n.
a situation demanding prompt attention or action
fractious, adj.
tending to be troublesome; hard to manage
implacable, adj.
unable to be appeased; refusing to be recoiled; unyielding
inexorable, adj.
not influenced by prayers or entreaties; inflexible
maudin, adj.
tearfully or weakly emotional
noisome, adj.
that disgusts; offensive; smelling bad
delineate, v.
to trace the outline of; to describe in words; portray
expiate, v.
to put an end to; to pay the penalty for
interpolate, v.
to alter a book, passage, music by putting in new words;
to interject
inveigh, v.
to make a violent attack in words; to rail or protest
mollify, v.
to soften temper; to pacify or calm
perfidy, n.
treachery; treason; perjury
propinquity, n.
nearness of blood; kinship; proximity
redoubtable, adj.
that should be feared or dreaded; commanding respect; illustrious
salubrious, adj.
Favorable to or promoting health or well-being; beneficial
sully, v.
to make soiled or tarnished; to defile