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1. I will
2. Small Island
3. Space between seats or shelves
1. I'll
2. Isle
3. Aisle
1. To say yes to
2. Not including
1. Accept
2. Except
1. To give advice
2. Opinion about what to do (recommendation)
1. Advise
2. Advice
1. All at the same time/total amount
2. On the whole/thoroughly
1. All together
2. Altogether
1. With permission
2. Loud enough so people could here/out loud/loudly
1. Allowed
2. Aloud
1. Reference or hint
2. Trick image/misleading image
1. Allusion
2. Illusion
1. In the middle of/in the midst of
2. The common action of/in the space separating point A and point B
1. Among
2. Between
1. The act of rising/rise in alititude of power
2. To be in a agreement with others/to agree
1. Ascent
2. Assent