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explain what inside address of a business letter is
gives the name and address of the person or company to whom you are writing
What is a DECLARATIVE sentence?
Makes a statement. Ends with a period.
explain part 1 of a book report
important information, title, author, type of book, number of pages
Explain way 2 (of 2) to fix a run together sentence.
1.Add one of these words to the beginning of sentence, after, because, since, when or while. 2.put a comma in place of and, and so or and then.
what are the 5 points of the writing process? 2.think&plan 3.write&rewrite 4.check&polish 5.share your results
What is a IMPERATIVE sentence?
Gives a command or makes a request. End with a period.
explain part 4 of a book report
a signed statement that you have read the entire book
Explain a -RUN TOGETHER- sentence.
A poor sentence containing too many-AND, AND SO or AND THEN.
explain part 2 of a book report
what the book is about
A thank you note should do what?
tell how you feel about something, why you like it or how you will use it.
How many steps are in good writing?
How many parts are there to a friendly letter?
what is a maxim?
a short saying that gives a principle for living.
Honesty is always the best policy, George Washington
What is a EXCLAMATORY sentence?
Shows sudden or strong feeling. Ends with a exclamation point.
name the 6 parts of a business letter
1.heading 2.inside address 3.greeting 4.body 5.closing 6.signature
explain closing of a letter
a polite or affectionate way to say goodbye
A book report has how many parts?
Explain a sentence.
A group of words that makes a complete thought.
explain part 3 of a book report
write about a exciting or interesting part of the book
A sentence ends with?
A period, question mark or a exclamation point.
it is a word made by combining two words and leaving out some of the letters.
How many types of -end mark- sentences are there? Name them.
declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory
give the 2 rules for using quotation marks
1.around direct quotations
2. around title of stories, poems, songs, chapters, and magazine or newspaper articles
Explain way 1 (of 2) to fix a run together sentence.
1.leave out any and, and so or and then. 2.Add capital letters and end marks to make new sentences.
explain a POSSESSIVE word.
when a word is used with a apostrophe and an S to show ownership.
Name the 5 parts of a friendly letter
1.heading 2.greeting 3.body
4.closing 5.signature
name 6 rules for using commas
1.3 or more words in a series 2.dates&addresses 3.yes or no at the start of a sentence 4.words used in direct address 5. greeting of a friendly letter 6.closing of a letter
explain a fragment sentence.
A separated part of a sentence that does not make a complete sentence.
how many rules are there to using quotation marks?
explain greeting of a letter
tells to whom the letter is written. Usually worded "Dear"
what are the 3 main points of a oral report
1.write only the main points on card 2.use best penmanship entire book & be familiar with the story
explain signature of a letter
name of the writer
In a contraction where do you use the apostrophe?
the apostrophe goes where the letter(s) would have been
explain body of a letter
the letter itself
how many rules are there for using commas?
Explain heading of a letter
gives the address&zip code of the person writing the letter and the date it is written.
A sentence begins with?
A capital letter
What is a INTERROGATIVE sentence?
Asks a question. Ends with a question mark.
a business letter has how many parts?
name 3 things to include in a freindly letter
1.write things you know will interest reader 2.write as you were speaking to person 3.write courteously, neat & correct spelling