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Good Samaritan Hospital
1015 NW 22nd or 22nd/Lovejoy
Floating Docks
Waterfront Park
Central Precinct/Justice Center
1111 SW 2nd/Main St
1120 SW 3rd Av/Main St
Veteran's Hospital
3710 SW S Veterans Hospital Rd/Terwilliger
Willamette Park
7000 SW Macadam Av/Texas St
Union Station
800 NW 6th/Irving
PGE Park
700 SW 20th/Morrison
Greyhound Bus Depot
550 NW 6th/Hoyt
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd/Campus Dr
North Boundary Central Precinct
Saltzman Rd
South Boundary Central Precinct
SW 12500 Hundred Block
West Boundary Central Precinct
SW 65th Ave
East Boundary Central Precinct
Willamette River