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Auxiliary Power Unit
Auxiliary Power Plant
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Estimated time of arrival
Estimated time of departure
Flight Deck Director
Foreign Object Damage
Feet per minute
Helicopter aircraft commander
Helicopter control officer
Helicopter control station
Helicopter in-flight refueling
Helicopter Landing System
Internal communication system
Instrument meteorological condition
Light airborne multi-purpose system
Landing signalman enlisted
Naval aviation training and operating procedures and standardization
Nickel Cadmium
Night vision device
Night vision goggles
Naval surface warfare
Primary flight control
recover assist
Recover, assist, securing, and traversing
Rapid securing device
Search and Rescue
vertical replenishment
Visual Meteorological condition
Vertical onboard delivery
Where can I find where the tie-down points and egress points are for every aircraft?
In the NA-00-80t-122 or aircraft specific NATOPS
Droop stops
Support rotor blade when rotor head is stationary or at Low RPM
How do you know if a helicopter has droop stops?
3 blades or more=has droop stops 2 blades=no droop stops
Primary Mission AH-1 Cobra
Missions for H-1 Iroquois(Huey)
SAR, Utility, VIP, Troop transport
Rescue Hoist Factoids
All helos with rescue hoist have same weight limitations. 600lb max/ 200lb prefer.
Missions of H-3 Sea King
SAR, Logistics, VIP
What is the primary method for starting the H-3 Sea King?
External ground power. Apu for the VIP models.
Missions of H-46 Sea Knight
Where is battery located on H-46 Sea Knight?
Port stub wing
Missions of the H-53D Sea Stallion
Logistics, VOD, Troop transport
What is the primary method for starting the H-53D Sea Stallion?
Added danger of the H-53s
H-53s produce 50-120 knots of rotor downwash and up to 200,000 volts of static electricity.
Missions of H-53E Super Stallion
AMCM, Logistics, Troop transport, VOD
Missions of TH-57 Ranger
Training, VIP
What 3 types of Helos of skid type landing gear?
AH-1 Cobra, H-1 Huey, and TH-57 Ranger
Missions of the H-60
VERTREP, SAR, CSAR, ASST(Anti Submarine Surveillance and Targeting), USW (Under Surface Warfare)
Mission of the HH-65 Dolphin (USCG)
What are the down and lock colors for the H-3, H-53D, and H-65?
Red, white, blue
Mission of the SA-330 Puma
Utility, VERTREP
What is the primary method for starting an H-46?
What are the main differences between the H53-D and H53-E?
Echo has canted tail, Echo has 7 blades Delta has 6, Echo has 3 engines Delta has 2, Echo is used for MCM
What type of landing system is the H-60 designed to be used with?
RAST, Recover assist securing and traversing
The US Navy is currently utilizing what civilian helo?
SA-330 Puma
Who is the overall safety observer of the flight evolution while supervising all flight operations?
Helicopter control Officer (HCO)
How does HCO coordinate movements?
Obtains permission from the OOD on the bridge to start
Who is the primary safety observer ON the flight deck?
Which manual contains the proper hand signals to be used.
What is the primary responsibility of the crash and salvage crew? (SD)
Save lives, fight fires
Who are members of the crash and salvage crew directly responsible to? (SD)
Damage Control Assistant (DCA)
Who establishes and oversees the FOD walkdown? (SD)
Helicopter Control Officer (HCO)
What is the CO responsible for?
safe helicopter operations on their ship
Who maintains a running maintenance status of all aircraft? (LD)
Aircraft handling officer
From where does the Air Officer direct all aspects of flight deck operations? (LD)
Primary Flight Control (Pri-Fly)
Who moves and secures all aircraft? (LD)
Aircraft handling crew
Who provides additional supervision on the flight deck? (LD)
Flight Deck Chief (FDC)
Who is the Crash and Salvage Crew directly responsible to? (LD)
Air Bos'n
What is the FDO responsible for? (LD)
Supervises all LSEs, directors, tractor drivers, phone talkers, elevator operators, crash and salvage crew, and blue shirts
What is the Air Boss responsible for? (LD)
Directly responsible to the CO for all flight operations.
What is the Fly petty officer responsible for? (LD)
supervises a particular section of the flight deck known as a FLY
What is the Combat Cargo Officer responsible for? (LD)
safe and orderly flow of troops, passengers, mail, and cargo on/off board amphibious ships
What is the Air transfer officer responsible for?
safe and orderly flow of troops, passengers, mail, and cargo on/off board aircraft carriers
What color are the deck edge lights on a Small deck?
What is the purpose of the landing circle? (SD)
to maintain a safe rotor clearance, indicates desired position of helo
What is the touch down spot? (SD)
solid circle painted white, center of the landing area
What is the marking for HIFR? (SD)
painted white "H" located port side aft on the flight deck.
What markings are illuminated at night by the overhead floodlights and the deck surface floodlights?
the landing circle, touch down spot and HIFR "H"
must hover with the center line of the aircraft directly over the dash line
"T" Line
helo must hover with main and tail rotor hubs on or aft of the "t" line
"T" Ball Line
helo must hover with its main and tail rotor hubs on or aft of the "t" ball line. Used by large rotor diameter aircraft.
Double "t" line
helo must hover with its main and tail rotor hubs between the two "t" lines
VERTREP illumination
Vertrep markings illuminated at night by the overhead floodlights and deck surface floodlights
What do vertrep markings indicate?
safe rotor clearance on which the facility is certified for pick up and delivery of cargo during vertrep evolutions.
Homing Beacon
white rotating beacon, located high on the ships mast, visual reference for the ships location
Overhead floodlights
mounted above flight deck, colors are red, white, or amber
Deck surface floodlights
along the port, starboard, and aft peripheral, illuminates the deck surface, colors are red or white
Hangar Door Markings
painted alternating red and yellow stripes, rising from port to starboard, indicates a safe clearance to move the helo in and out of hangar
What are the 2 deck status indicating systems?
Deck status light system and rotary beacon signal system
What do the different status colors of the indicating systems mean?
Red-foul deck, launches and landings unauthorized
Amber-authorized to engage or disengage rotors
Green-indicates clear deck
How many indicating lights are illuminated at once?
only one light will be illuminated at a time.
When is Deck status light system used?
on single spot ships
When is Rotary beacon signal system used?
required on multi spot ships
Horizon Reference set (HRS)
provides a stable, external, visual horizon reference to aid pilot, used for inclement weather or at night
Stabilized glide slope indicator (SGSI)
indicates safe approach path to the ship, green=path is too high, amber=approach is good, red=approach is too low
Wave off lights
mounted on side of the SGSI, flashing red lights, which provide a visual cue to the pilot when an unacceptable landing condition exist
What are the 3 categories of aviation facilities?
Aviation, amphibious, air capable
What is the purpose of the peripheral marking?
marks outer edge of the operating area
Where must the pilot/LSE position the helicopter forward main mounts, nose wheel or skids to maintain a safe rotor clearance?
Within the landing cirle
What are the four different types of vertrep markings?
dash line, "t"line, "t" ball line, double "t" line
What light illuminates the entire operating area of the flight deck?
overhead floodlights
What two light systems give you the true status of the flight deck?
Deck status light system and rotary beacon signal system
What light produces a tri-color beam of light that indicates a safe approach path to the ship?
Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI)
How many fly's on an amphibious ship? How about aircraft carrier?
2, 3
What color are wheel spots for an H46 painted and where are nose spots located?
white, centered forward of the main wheel spots just aft of the horizontal line
What color are wheel spots for an H53 painted and where are the nose spots located?
yellow, centered forward of the main wheel spots on the horizontal line.
How can you identify main wheel spots at night?
Red marker lights
Where are the ordnance line up lines on LHAs, what about LHDs?
located on spots 3 and 3A (LHA) spots 1 and 3 (LHD)
Portable and fixed wheel stops
fixed wheel stops are white, portable wheel stops are alternating red and yellow
What is the purpose of the landing spot?
Landing direction and position
What color are portable Bomb Jettison wheel stops?
Red and yellow
Which landing spots are designated for arming/disarming on an LHA?
Where is VERTREP conducted at night on amphibious ships?
Areas A&C
What color are the deck edge lights on large deck ships?
What is the purpose of Ordnance line up lines?
arming and disarming
What type of status light is used on large deck ships?
Rotary Beacon Signal System
Which instruction requires the use of double hearing protection on the flight deck?
OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series
What is the only authorized flotation device when working on the flight deck.
MK-1 MOD "O" utilizes only the automatic inflator assembly that is identified by a red toggle, not used by passengers aboard aircraft
Where can further information on color codes of flight deck clothing and equipment be found?
NA 00-80T-122, app. D, NA 00-80T-120(CV NATOPS) NA 00-80T-106 (LHA/LHD NATOPS)
What color are the signal wands used by LSEs on Air Capable and Amphibious Ships?
What color are the signal wands used by LSEs on CVs?
red and green
Which aircraft are polyurethane chocks (NWC-4) used with?
all aircraft having a wheel base diameter of 45 inches or less.
How are chocks positioned?
the sliding portion of the chock will face aft to ensure easy removal
What happens to the working load of improperly installed tie down chains?
it is reduced to 6,000 lbs
What is the size of the white reflective tape on the back and front impact shell of the cranial?
6x6, 3x6 on the front
Tiedown chains come in what two lengths?
9 and 14 feet
The working load of the tiedown chain is?
10,000 lbs
How is the distress marker light stowed in the MK-1 MOD "0" life vest?
light facing down
Who is identified by 3 vertical orange stripes on the flight deck cranial?
a supervisor
Which tiedown is designed to prevent improper installation?
(T/F) On the flight deck, the deck hook of a tie down should be pointed up when installed?
What types of floatation devices are used by personnel embarking on helicopters?
LPU-32/P or LPP-1/1A
What are the mandatory hand signals?
Wave off and hold.
Which manual contains NATO approved hand signals?
NA 00-80T-113
What are the 3 types of helicopter flight deck evolutions?
vertrep, hoisting, HIFR
What hand signal is executed for an emergency breakaway during a HIFR evolution?
wave off
Hand signals listed in the hand signal NATOPS that are dark silhouetted are what type of hand signals?
NATO approved
(T/F) Mandatory hand signals wave-off and hold are used when an emergency condition exist or when an unsafe situation arises.
When does blade flapping usually occur?
low rpm, gusty winds
What is the first signal given by the LSE for hung droop stops?
Engage rotors
What causes ground resonance, in regards to tie-down chains?
tight hight point tie-downs
What signal is used by the pilot to indicate an immediate landing with complete electrical failure and no comms
Red flare seaward
What are the 3 categories of airborne emergencies
Crash/ditch, immediate emergency shipboard landing, precautionary emergency shipboard landing
What is thermal runaway?
When the battery overheats
How shall personnel enter or exit the rotor arc?
90 degree
What are the two types of engine fires?
Internal and external
Which manual list pilots/aircrewman emergency procedures?
(T/F) During engine start-up the fireguard will face the LSE
Navedtra 43426-0
Flight Deck Familiarization
Navedtra 43436-c
LSE PQS book
NA 00-80R-14
A/C fire fighting and rescue
NA 00-80R-14-1
A/C emergency manual
NA 00-80R-19
A/C crash and salvage manual
NA 00-80T-96
Basic handling safety manual
NA 00-80T-120
NA 00-80T-106
NA 00-80T-113
Aircraft Signals Natops manual
NA 13-1-6.1-2,5,7
survival equipment
NTTP 3-50.1
naval search and rescue manual
NWP 4-01.4
underway replenishment manual
NA 00-80T-122
helicopter operating procedures for air-capable ships
shipboard aviation facilities resume
aviation facilities bulletin no.1h
NA 16-35AVS-7
marine air weapons training squadron 1
Who is directly responsible for the safe movement of the helicopter?
When may chock and chain persons be used as pushers?
What color deck status light is displayed during engine start?
What color deck status light is displayed during rotor engagement or disengagement?
Who sets flight quarters?
When will the LSE direct from inside the rotor arc?
(T/F) Appropriate slack should be left in all high point tiedowns during flight operations.
Who must the LSE call if they are not trained to look for droop stops?
After engines have been shut down what color is the deck status light?
Who is the overall safety observer of the entire VERTREP evolution?
Who is responsible for ensuring a safe zone is maintained for emergency landings?
Cargo Supervisor and FDO
Who briefs all essential personnel prior to each VERTREP evolution?
VERTREP officer
Who is responsible for connecting the cargo load to the helicopter?
Hookup person
(T/F) After the load is on the deck and the pendant is slack, the LSE will give the "release load" hand signal?
Who is the primary director once the helicopter is in a hover over the deck?
What does IPD stand for?
inter pupillary distance
What are the three types of NVG's currently used?
What is your best visual acuity while wearing ANVIS-6 goggles?
What is your FOV while wearing NVDs?
40 degrees
What two human factors are greatly reduced during night vision goggle use?
near depth perception, color perception (eye fatigue, headaches)
What is the primary natural light source for NVD use?
moon light
What are the two levels of maintenance involving NVDs
O and I
Who performs the O-level maintenance on the goggles?
the users
What is the minimum weight placed into the canvas bag during hoisting operations?
5 lbs
When is it permitted to hoist personnel at night?
Hoisting of personnel at night is prohibited except in emergency situations
How are both HIFR rig hoses grounded?
Who signals the true status of the fueling hose?
pump paddle person
Who ensures the rescue strop is properly secured to the hoistee?
assist person
How fast can the helicopter's static charge rebuild?
1 second
When is emergency breakaway achieved using the NATO high capacity rig?
450 lbs of tensile force
What hand signal is given for emergency breakaway, during a HIFR evolution?
Hoisting of cargo should not exceed how many pounds, due to aircrew limitations?
200 lbs
What is the minimum number of hose tenders required during a HIFR evolution?
What is the correct signal for "am pumping fuel" at night?
green over red wands