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What type of gear do we have
Retractable tricycle type
How do the gear doors close
They are mechanical
Which doors only close half way
Main gear doors
What holds the over center locks in place on each gear
2 large springs
A red light on the towing indicator indicates
Towing not allowed.Steering engaged
A green light on the towing indicator indicates
Towing allowed. Steering disengaged
What does the electrical over ride switch do on the emergency gear handle
By passes the proximity sensor module
What does raising the emergency gear handle do
Releases the up locks and relieves hydraulic pressure activating the free fall selector valve allowing the gear to fall by gravity
What is the function of the down lock release button
By passes the WOW sensor switch to raise the gear
When will you get an aural gear warning
1.Any gear not down and locked and RA is less than 1200' AGL and
-Thrust lever <45 on 2 eng
-Thrust lever <59 on SE


Anytime flap lever is extended to flaps 5 or full and gear is not down and locked
What is the function of the LNDG gear inhibit
Used when the RA has failed and you are below 1200' AGL.
When will the lndg gear inhibit reset itself
Thrust lever advancement flaps are 5 or full
How do the brakes work
They are brake by wire-electronic imput based on pedal pressure
What brakes does HYD system 1 control
What brakes does hyd system 2 control
How do the wheels stop spinning on takeoff
Automatic wheel braking
What is locked wheel protection
Reduces wheel speed if a pair of wheels either inboard or outboard is above 30 knots and one wheel pair turns at less than 33% of its partners speed
When is the antiskid disabled
Below 10 knots
What is touchdown protection
Prevents landing with the brakes on by inhibiting the pressure command put on the brake pedal
When is touchdown protection disabled
3 seconds after WOW
What is the spin up override function
Allows braking when wheel speed are above 50 knots
Does the emergency parking brake have antiskid protection
What does it mean when the emergency parking brake light is on
There is still pressure in the line, but not necessariliy that the emergency brake is in the up position
How many brake wear indicators per main wheel
What is the max steering tiller angle before it would auto disconnect
76 degrees
A steering tiller angle of 76 degrees is valid up to what speed
40 knots
When the steering is disengaged the system defaults to what
Free caster mode
Tiller steering angle above 40 degrees is reduce to what
Decreasing from 76 degrees at 40 knots to 7 degrees at 100 knots
How many WOW proximity switches per gear
What do the WOW proximity switches provide input too
Besides WOW proximity switches what are a few other kinds
Squat switch, gear up,gear down
What holds the main gear up
What does the drag brace do on the gear
Holds the gear in position when the drag brace goes past the over center lock it will lock into place
What is antiskid protection
Reduces the pressure command to any wheel by compairing wheel speed signals from each wheel.
What is max angle on the parking brake
60 degrees
During a total hydraulic failure will the emergency parking brake still be available
Yes, through the emergency parking brake valve using pressure in the accumulator
What temperature range will bring on the amber brake temps
252-840 degrees
How long would you expect to wait after lowering the gear handle to see a RED icon indicating a discrepency between a gear position and the landing gear lever position
20 seconds
Can you monitor the brake temperature and pressure
MFD status page
Do we have wheel snubbers to stop tire rotation after gear retraction
No, automatic wheel braking occurs on retraction
After using the alternate gear extension can you restore normal gear operation
Yes, as long as the alternate gear extension handle is stowed
We have only two brake conrol modules, which one controlS which brakes
BCM1=Outboard brakes
BCM 2=Inboard brakes
Does hand wheel steering work on the take off roll
Yes as long as its engaged
What is the maximum nose wheel steering using the rudder pedals
7 degrees
What does the LG WRN INHIB button do
The button inhibits the Landing Gear Warning in the
event of a Radio Altimeter Failure.
What would cause this inhibit to automatically reset
allowing the warning to sound when Landing Gear is not
Flaps set to 5 or FULL with Landing Gear Not Down and
TLA over 45 degrees with two engines working or
TLA over 59 degrees with one engine working
How long would you expect to have to wait after lowering
the gear handle to see a RED icon indicating a
discrepancy between a gear position and the Landing
Gear Lever position?
20 seconds after the discrepancy is detected.
In the meantime, the amber in-transit hatched icon
will be illuminated.
Is there any light or indication that would tell us the
emergency parking brake is actuated?
Yes, a white striped bar illuminates in the EMERG/PRKG
BRAKE light located on the instrument panel
How can you disengage nosewheel steering
Press the momentary action disengage button on the
control wheel, or
Raise the ground crew guarded switch
How does the ground crew know that the nosewheel is
disengaged and towing is allowed?
There is a GREEN towing permissible light on the
The RED towing light is the “not permissible light”
and will illuminate when the nosewheel steering is
not disengaged
How many sensors are there for each gear
Two Uplock sensors per gear
Two Downlock sensors per gear
After using the alternate gear extension system can you
restore normal gear operation
Yes, by placing the alt gear lever back in its initial
The ERJ-170 has only two Brake Control Modules
(BCM). Which one controls which brakes
BCM 1 controls Outboard Brakes (DC ESS BUS 1)
BCM 2 controls Inboard Brakes (DC ESS BUS 2)
When will the Landing Gear Aural Warning activate
when gear is not down?
Below 1,200 feet AGL and
Flaps in any position and
TLA below 450 (2 engines operating) or TLA below
590 (1 engine operating)
Anytime the flaps are 5 or FULL
Does handwheel steering work on the T/O roll
Yes, but control authority is decreased as a function
of speed.
Up to 76 degrees to either side until 40 knots and then
decreases to 7 degrees at 100 knots
Question Answer
What is the maximum nosewheel steering angle using the
rudder pedals?
+/-7 degrees maximum steering angle using rudder pedals
Is there ever a time when freewheel steering is
automatically selected?
Yes, when steering angle is more than 76 degrees, or
Failure of the WOW sensor is detected, or
Steering System failure is detected