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According to Volume One – Emergency Operations 2/1.07.20 RESPONSE
NARROW STREETS: Responsible officers shall use information to determine if "no parking" signs are needed on narrow streets where emergency response is restricted: If the sign reads – “No parking, one side
parking allowed on the same side of roadway as the fire hydrant”: The traveled roadway width is:
20'- 28'
According to Volume 1 – Emergency Operations 2/1-14.30 PERIMETER DELINEATION: It may be assumed that civil unrest may expand to include other areas of the City which would not ordinarily experience such disturbance. It will be an _________ responsibility to delineate the parameters of a given area of civil unrest.
According to Volume 1 – Emergency Operations 2/1-14.60 GUIDELINES DURING TACTICAL ALERT- HELICOPTER OPERATIONS: Fire Department helicopters, except in extenuating circumstances, shall remain _______ outside of area of civil unrest parameters.
According the Volume 1 – 2/1–08.01 “Determination of First Alarm Assignments”. Which of the following would not be considered criteria for determining a Category “B” response.
Dwellings, Apartments, Hotels more than 3 stories in height
According to the BRUSH MANUAL ( Book 99), Chapter 1, The headings of “T” cards are colored to identify resource type. A “T” card with a “green” colored heading would indicate which type of resource?
According to Volume 1 – 2/1-28.28, “Wagon Batteries”. Company Commanders shall have the option to equip Wagon Batteries with all of the following tips except:
A)1-1/2 inch smooth bore tip
B)500 G.P.M. Fog Hog
C)660 G.P.M Hydro Foam Nozzle
According to Book 99--Brush Fire Operations Manual, Chapter 1, Brush Fire ICS : Which of the following statements is incorrect:
Fire Behavior Specialist reports to Logistics.
According to Book 99--Brush Fire Operations, Chapter V, “The Fire Environment”. The Wildland fire environment consists of three major components; Weather, Fuel and _____________.
According to Volume 1—EmergencyOperations /LargeScale, 2/3-10.48 a Major
Emergency exists when how many companies have been dispatched?
According to Training Bulletin #8 –Electrical Hazards at Fires, STREET
LIGHTS are dangerous because they may be fed from conductors carrying up
to _______ volts.
According to Training Bulletin #90 –FIRE BURNS –BACKDRAFT In order for a Backdraft to occurr, oxygen content must fall to between
___ and ___.
11% - 15%
According to the Training Bulletin #90 –FIRE BURNS, FIRE PHENOMENA, All of the following are warning signs of a potential flashover except:
Smoke igniting when it rolls into the outside air
According to LAFD Manual of Operations – Volume 1 – Large Scale 2/3-10.70 INCIDENT MANAGEMENT TEAM: The LAFD Incident
Management Team (IMT) consists of members to provide staff support at
Major emergency incidents and Department Command activations.There are ____IMT’S.
According to Training Bulletin 97 – The Key to Effective Communication,
Space Signals: Studies have indicated that people have what are known as "body buffer zones." Within these zones, only certain people may enter without the other feeling uncomfortable or defensive. It has been shown that a public distance for strangers is:
According to Training Bulletin 106 – LCES and “Watch Outs” for Structure Fires The most important decision will be knowing when to regroup and consider:
According to the Department Bulletins Manual (Book 24) 03-15 Fire Danger Rating - The Burning Index (BI). The Model “T” Fuel Model is descriptive of:
light brush and sagebrush-type grass
According to LAFD Manual of Operation – Volume 1 – RECALL -After Business hours, a recall will be initiated by:
An OCD dispatcher and a fire company until relieved by the Recall coordinator and staff
According to LAFD Manual of Operation – Volume 2 – PERSONNEL PROCEDURES 3/1-35.25 -When a credit complaint is received against a member, it will be forwarded to the member's _____________ for investigation.
According to LAFD Manual of Operation – Volume 1 EMERGENCY PROCEDURES / GENERAL 2/1-42.34--A serious industrial injury is defined
as "any injury or illness occurring in a place of employment or in connection
with any employment which requires hospitalization for a period in excess of _____ hours for other than medical observation”.
According to Department Bulletins Manual (Book 24) 03-15 – Fire Danger Rating - The Burning Index (BI). A BI rating of 160 would indicate what level of Brush Fire Danger?
According to Volume 1, 2/1-91.10, Response with other Departments - DISPATCH POLICY - When City forces are dispatched to other jurisdictions to fill vacant stations, the City resources should not exceed ____ percent of the normal on-duty apparatus of the requesting jurisdiction
According to – Volume 1 2/1-84.75, “Patient Release”. Following treatment and/or transportation, Fire Department personnel shall not contact any person
who has been so treated and/or transported without first receiving specific
permission, through channels, from the___________________.
According to Volume 1-2/1-80.30 Resource Types–Designation, “Strike Teams”
dispatched by OCD will have the number sequence of:
ST 1000—1030
According to Training Bulletin 90 “Fire Burns”, a Backdraft occurrs during what stage of a fire?
Smoldering or Decay Stage
According to Training Bulletin #21 – LADDER PIPE OPERATION - PAGE 4
The L.T.I. apparatus may use the Akron Turbo Spray Nozzle.They shall be
limited to the _____ GPM setting when used on the ladder pipe.