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What does a testis slide look like?
bunch of little circles seperated by thick lines
The testis is the site of what process?
Testis slide: what are the seminiferous tubules?
the circles
what gamete is produced in these tubules?
Sperm slide: the sperm head is what?
the nucleus containing the DNA
Sperm slide: the sperm tail is what?
a flagellum
Sperm slide: is the sperm nucleus haploid or diploid?
Ovary slide: what does it look like?
like a vacuole or a rock with an eye in it
Ovary slide:how to identify primary follicle?
smallest follicle
Ovary slide: how to identify the secondary follicle?
second biggest follicle
Ovary slide: how to identify the Graffian follicle?
big white circle
Ovary slide: how to identify the oocryte?
inside the graffian follicle
Ovary slide: What is the process used to form an ovum/egg?