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how many daughter cells does mitosis produce?
2 daughter cells
What are the 4 phases of mitosis?
prophase metaphase anaphase and telophase
What form of DNA are in each of the 4 phases? -prophase,metaphase,anaphase,
telophase (sister chromatids or daughter chromosomes?
prophase-chromatids metaphase-chromatids
anaphase-daughter chromosomes
telophase-daughter chromosomes
the process of dividing the cytopasm to form two daughter cells is called what?
What is the difference bewtween cytokinesis and a cleavage furrow?
cleavage furrow forms at the beginning of cytokinesis but does not actually divide the cell
animal cells carry out this process by forming a what?
cleavage furrow-divides outside in)
Plants carry out cytokinesis by forming a what? how does this divide the cell?
cell plate, divides inside out
which are replicated chromosomes? daughter chromosomes or sister chromatids?
sister chromatids
which are non-replicated chromosomes? daughter chromosomes or sister chromatids?
daughter chromosomes