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What is the prominent component of connective tissue?
Extracellular matrix
(in addition to the cells that secrete it)
What is extracellular matrix made of?
-Non fibers
What are the 4 types of connective tissue?
1. Dense
2. Loose
3. Reticular
4. Adipose
What makes loose CT more loose than dense?
It has more cells than dense.
What are the 3 components of nonfiber ECM?
What is a tendon?
Dense regular CT
Predominant type of collagen in Dense Regular CT:
Type I
How are collagen fibers arranged in dense regular CT?
Parallel to surface
Why are collagen fibers parallel in dense regular CT?
To give the tissue tensile strength when puled in the direction of the fibers.
To what cells do the nuclei seen in dense regular CT belong?
Where in thin skin is dense irregular CT found?
Under the epidermis, under the dermis, in the reticular area - but this isn't reticular CT mind you.
Why is the reticular layer of the skin classified as dense irregular CT?
Becuase it has lots of thick fibers, but they're not parallel, rather all over.
Where is dense irregular CT commonly found?
Encapsulating most organs.
What is the purpose of dense irregular CT being oriented in all directions?
To protect against mechanical stress in more than one direction.
What do fibroblasts in dense CT do?
Synthesize, secrete, and maintain the ECM - both fibrous and nonfibrous parts.
What lines the lumen of the ileum?
What is the core of an ileal lumenal villus called?
Lamina propria
What is the lamina propria?
The loose connective tissue within the villus.
What is the overall histological appearance of loose CT?
What is the function of loose CT in an intestinal villus?
It supports the epithelium, and gives it metabolic support.
How can loose CT give nutritional and lymphatic support to an intestinal villus?
The loose (areolar) CT contains blood vessels.
What is the major difference between loose and dense CT?
Loose is very CELLULAR!
What cells can be seen in the loose CT of the lamina propria?
-Mast cells
-Smooth muscle cells
What other type of intestine has lamina propria in villi?
What cells can you see in the cecum lamina propria?
Plasma cells
What is the collective function of all the cells in loose connective tissue?
First line defense against invasion of the body by foreign antigens.
What are the thin lines and thick lines in the mesenteric spread slide?
Thin = elastic

Thick = collagen
What type of collagen is in the mesenteric spread?
Type I
What is the function of elastic fibers in connective tissue?
Flexibility and distensibility
What are 2 organs that elastic fibers are absolutely essnetial in?
-Blood vessels
What invisible material fills the "empty" spaces in loose connective tissue?
What is STROMA?
A connective tissue framework
What kind of CT makes up stroma?
Reticular connective tissue
What organs need reticular connective tissue?
-Lymph nodes
What type of collagen makes up reticular fibers?
Type 3
How are Type III collagen reticular fibers compared to type I collagen?
Thinner and shorter
Do reticular fibers branch?
Do collagen type I fibers branch?
What are the major functions of adipose connective tissue?
-Energy storage
What type of adipocytes are in the monkey eye?
Is adipose tissue highly vascularized?
Where are the nuclei and cytoplasmic organelles located in unilocular adipocytes?
Distributed peripherally around the lipid droplet.