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what does a whisk fern look like and where is the sporangium?
like a branch with a green veiny end attached to it with alot of
what are the seedless vascular plants and what is an acronym for it? Are all of these plants diploid(2n) or haploid(n)?
(w)hisk fern sporophyte, (c)lub moss sporophyte, (h)orsetail sporophyte, (f)ern sporophyte (f)ern gametophyte::Will Charlie Have Fun Friday?;;(2n)
what does a club moss sporophyte look like and where is the sporangium?
a long brown branch with multiple green branches attached to it; the ends of the branches
what soes a horsetail sporophyte look like?
a tropical tree with branches that look like dreadlocks with a pine-tree looking object at the tip
what does a fern sporophyte look like?
a green christmas tree looking bush
what is the frond on a fern?
a single leaf on a fern
what does the fiddlehead look like on fern?
a fuzzy piece that is curled at the end like a musical note
what is the shape of the artheridium on a fern gametophyte? what does it produce?
smaller roundish circles; sperm
what is the shape of the archegomium on a fern gametophyte? what does it produce?
larger oval structures; eggs
what is the prothallus on a fern slide?
the heart shaped blue part surrounding artheridium and archegomium