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Explain the general equation for metabolism of food.
Metabolism: sum total of all chemical reactions inside an organism (≈ energy turnover inside an organism)

General Equation:Food + O2 = CO2 + H20 + ENERGY (measured in heat)
List the parts of the mouse respirometer and the functions of each.
cage holds the mouse above the lime

thermometer to measure the temp in the chamber

rubber stopper is to seal the unit

lime is to consume the carbon dioxide

pipette is used with soap to determine the amount of oxygen used
direct calorimetry.
a technique of measuring heat energy in which an organism is placed in a calorimeter chamber; as the organism gives off heat it is transferred to the surrounding water jacket in the walls of the chamber. This ∆T is = energy released.
indirect calorimetry.
measurement of body heat indirectly through the dependency of heat production on oxygen consumption.

Based on the principle that:

Energy liberated inside the body = Energy liberated outside the body
Define the term “basal metabolic rate.”
the body's metabolic rate measured under a set of standard conditions
Explain the process by which basal metabolic rate is measured .
1. No food ingestion 12 hours prior to test

2. Subject mentally, physically relaxed (morning, prone, dark)

3. Room temperature must be comfortable

4. Subject must not have a fever (which elevates BMR)
the conditions affecting the BMR.
1. Exercise ---> increases BMR

2. Food ingestion ---> increases BMR

3. Increased sympathetic activity ---> increases BMR

4. Release of thyroxin and growth hormone ---> increases BMR

5. Other Factors: Climate, nutrition, age, sex, body surface area
Explain the results attained with the different experimental mouse groups concerning oxygen consumption, weight gain, and metabolic rate.
Hyper: loose weight, high BMR, faster consumption of O2

Hypo: gain weight, low BMR, slower consuption of O2

Eu: same everything
What is a calorie?
amount of heat energy needed to raise 1 gram H2O, 1° C
What is a metabolic rate?
the total energy expenditure per unit time

Total Energy Expenditure = Body Heat + [External Work Done + Stored Energy] (minimized with Rest and Fasting)
What are euthyroid mice?
used as a control

normal food/normal water
What are hyperthyroid mice?
Mice given normal amounts of food fortified with thyroid powder and normal amounts of normal water.
What are hypothyroid mice?
Mice given normal amounts of regular food but water has been treated with a .02% propylthiouracil (PTU) solution in place of water.