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two bone widths measured
biepicondylar humerus and bicondylar femur
Durnin and Womersley
wide test range (16 - 70)
doesn't account for gender differences
tabular form.
skinfold sites 6 total, one male only
triceps, biceps, subscapular, iliac crest (supraspinale), abdominal.
chest: males only.
instrument used for skinfold measurements
skinfold caliper
bone width tool
antropomometer outside caliper
Jackson and pollack
less skinfold samples to reach conclusion. samples are gender appropriate. age bracketing more accurate. tabular calculation.
for 12-15 year old females.
four skinfolds.
predicts density, translates using Siri
gender specific for can. univ. population. (S6Sf) (six skin folds)
uses equation.