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What are the layers of the pericardium?
Fibrous Pericardium
Serous Pericardium
->Parietal Layer
->Visceral Layer (Epicardium)
What holds the anterior surface of the pericardium in place?
Sternopericardial ligaments
What is found between the Visceral and Parietal layers of pericardium?
Serous Fluid
Where is the Transverse Coronary Sinus found?
Anterior to SVC
Posterior to Aorta & Pulmonary Trunk
Name the three Aortic Sinuses.
Anterior: RCA
Left Posterior: LCA
Right Posterior: Nothing
Name the aortic osteums?
Right Coronary Artery: Anterior Sinus
Left Coronary Artery: Left Posterior Sinus
Where does the apex of the heart lie?
Fifth intercostal space in the midclavicular line.
What branches arise from the Right Coronary Artery?
Nodal Branch --> SA node
Marginal A.
What Branches arise from the Left Coronary Artery?
List the four cardiac veins?
Great Cardiac Vein
Middle Cardiac Vein
Small Cardiac Vein
Anterior Cardiac Vein
Along which artery does the Great Cardiac Vein lie?
Along which Artery does the Small Cardiac Vein lie?
Marginal A.
Along which Artery does the Middle Cardiac Vein lie?
Along which artery does the anterior cardiac artery lie?
Along the anterior portion of the Right Coronary Artery
What veins drain directly into the chambers that they service?
Venae Cordis Minimae
Where do all cardiac veins empty?
Coronary Sinus
What veins open into the right atrium?
Coronary Sinus
Anterior Cardiac Veins
Venae Cordis Minimae
What is the internal ridge that separates the smooth walled area from the rough walled area of the Right Atrium?
Crista Terminalis
What is the smooth walled area of the Right Atrium called?
Sinus Venarum
What is the rough area of the Right atrium called?
Musculi Pectinati
What is the external area on the opposite side of the Cristae Terminae called?
Sulcus Terminalis
Which papillary muscles are found in the right ventricle?

(same as flaps of tricuspid)
What is the difference between the trabeculae carnae in the Left and Right ventricles?
Trabeculae carnae is finer and more numerous in L. Ventricle
What is the smooth part of the right ventricle called?
What is the name of the trabeculae that connects the interventricular wall with the anterior papillary muscle?
Moderator Band
What does the Septomarginal trabeculae do?
AKA Moderator Band. Connects Anterior papillary muscle of right ventricle to the interventricular septum.
Where do you find musculi pectinati in the left atrium?
Only in the auricle. The rest is smooth.