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name the area where rib 2 connect to sternum
sternal angle
what is the space between two clavicles called
jugular notch
what is the space inferior and medial to the acromion
infraclavicular fossa
what make up the ant axillary fold
pec major and minor
what make up the post axillary fold
lat, teres major and subscapularis
costal margin consist of what ribs
rib 8-12
what is the area formed by costal margin and base of sternum call
infrasternal angle
in what fossa can you palpate the coracoid process
infraclavicular fossa
what does bicipital furrow contain
brachial artery and median nerve
nipple is located where
rib 4 and 5
the ant and post fold of form a cone shape area called what
what bone is the mostly dislocated
what run along the med and lat side of bicipital furrow
lat side is the cephalic vein and the medial side is the brachial artery and median n
what form the cubital fossa
the brachialradialis, pronator teres, and under lying ext m.
name the order from ant to post within the cubital fossa
median cubital vein, bicipital aponeurosis, brachial a and median n.
small pock marks undersurface of skin
dermal papillae
what n come out of 2nd intercoastal space
intercostalbrachial n. (T2)
where does intercostalbrachial n lead to
axillary fossa, and arm
supraclavicular n supply what
the skin over the clavicle and first and second intercostal space
where is cephalic vein located
between the deltoid and the pec major and disappear deep to the pec major.
what form the deltopectoral triangle
clavicle, deltoid, and pec maj.
where is clavipectoral fascia located
below the pec major and deep to the axilla
what pass through clavipectoral fascia
cephalic vein, thoracoacromial, and lat pec n.
at the level of sternal angle what vertebral column is located posteriorly at this level
4 and 5 thoracic vertebrae