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Who is the father of microbiology?
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
What's the formula for resolving power?
resolving power = wavelength/2xnumerical aperture
In which type of microscopy is the object brightly illuminated and the specimen appears in its natural color or the color it has been stained?
Bright Field
Which type of microscopy utilizes a special condenser that blocks the light and the specimen appears brightly illuminated against a black background and you see a reflection of the specimen?
Dark Field
Which type of microscopy uses uses UV light and fluorescent dyes?
Which type is used to resolve objects smaller than .16 microns?
Ultraviolet (325 nm)
UV light _______(can/can't) be seen with the human eye?
UV light microscopy must be recorded on a ________ plate.
Which type of microscopy utilizes visible light and a special condenser which sends light to a phase shifting plate?
Phase Contrast
Phase Contrast makes __________ more visible.
Structural details
Which type of microscope uses electron beams in a magnetic field and magnifies 100,000 - 200,000x?
Electron microscope
Light microscopes can resolve objects with diameters of ____ microns
How do you get total magnification of a microscope?
magnifying power of the objective is multiplied by the magnifying power of the ocular
1.25 is the _______ for oil.
Numerical Aperture
Low Power Objective magnifies ___ for a total of _____.
10 times for 100X
Hi-dry magnification magnifies ___ for a total of ______.
40 times for 400x
Oil Immersion magnifies ____ for a total of ______.
100 times for 1000X
Field of Vision:____
Focal Distance: ____
1.8 mm
16 mm
Hi-Dry Power
Field of vision: ____
Focal Distance: ____
450 microns
4 mm
Field of vision: ____
Focal Distance: ____
180 microns
1.8 mm
What does parfocal mean?
It means only fine adjustments are needed when changing from low power to higher power objective if coarse adjustment is set.
Immersion oil has the same ____________ as glass, and its use ______( reduces/increases) the loss of light that occurs by refraction at glass-air interfaces.
refractive index