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Pan - G
pandemonium - n - G
panacea - n
a cure-all for diseases or troubles
omnis - L
omnipotent - adj

omnipotence, n.
the Omnipotent, n
omnipotently, adv.
having unlimited power; all-powerful
omnipresent - adj
present everywhere
omnivorous - adj

omnivore, n
omnivorously, adv
omnivorousness, n
feeding on both plants and meat
holos - G
catholic - adj

catholic, n
catholically, adv
1. universal; including most things

2. (capitalized) Referring to the Roman Catholic Church
holocaust n

holocaustal, adj
holocaustic, adj
1. a great destruction, especially by fire.

2. (capitalized) Murder by the Nazis of over six million Jews and millions of other people in WWII
Totus - L
totalitarian adj

totalitarianism, n
Referring to a form of government in which one person or party holds absolute control.
Claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum - L
"to close"
cloister, n

cloistered, adj.
1. A covered walk along the inside walls of a building, usually looking out on a courtyard.

2. A monastery or similar place of religious seclusion.
preclude - L tr. v.
To prevent; to make impossible
recluse, n.

reclusion, n; reclusive, adj
A person who avoids mixing with people.
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptum - L
"to begin"
inception - n.
The beginning of something.
incipient adj.

incipiently, adv.
In its early stages; beginning.
nihil - L
annihilate - tr. v.

annihilable, adj.
annihilation, n.
annihilator, n.
synonym: decimate
To destroy completely.
nihilism, n.

nihilist, n.
nihilistic, adj.
nihility, n.
The total rejection of religious or moral beliefs.
nego, negare, negavi, negatum - L
"to deny"
negate tr. v.

negation, n.
1. To disprove; to nullify.

2. To rule out; to cancel; to repeal.
renegade n.
One who deserts a group, cause, faith, etc,; an outlaw.
vanus - L
vacuus - L
vacuous - adj.

vacuity, n.
Empty, especially of meaning or purpose.
vanity, n.
1. Conceit, especially about one's appearance.

2. Something worthless or useless.

3. A dressing table.
vaunt - tr. v.

vaunted, adj.
To boast; to brag about.
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum - L
"to open"
aperture - n.
An opening, especially one that admits light.
overt - adj.

overtly, adv.
Done or shown openly.