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Mikros <G.
microbe n. - G

An organism invisible to the naked eye, especially one that causes disease.
microcosm n. - G

microcosmic - adj
A miniature world; something that resembles something else on a very small scale.
Minuo, Minuere, Minui, Minutum - L

Minus - L
To lesson

miniscole - adj
extremely small
minutia - N
A small or trivial detail
Tenuo, Tenuare, Tenuari, Tenuatum - L

Tenus - L
"To make thin"

attenuate - L, V
1. To make slender or small.

2. To weaken; to reduce in force or value.
Tenuous - Adj.

tenuously - Adv.
1. Thin in form.

2. Flimsy; having little substance or validity.
Satis - L
Satiate - V

satiation, N; satiety, N.
To satisfy an appetite fully; to gratify to excess.
Impleo, Implere, Implevi, Impletum - L.

Plenus - L
"To fill"

comply - L, V

compliance, n. compliancy, n
compliant, adj.
To do as one is asked or ordered.
Implement - L, N.
A tool or utensil

tr. v. To carry out; to put into effect
replete - L, Adj.

repletion, N. repletely, adv
1. Well-stocked or abundantly supplied.

2. Completely filled; utterly satisfied.
Expletive - L, N

expletory - Adj.
An exclamation or oath, often obxcene.
copia - L
Copious - Adj.

copiously, Adv.
plentiful, in large amounts
Makros - G.
Macrocosm - G. N.

Macrocosmic - adj.
Ant: microcosm
1. The universe

2. Any great whole.
magnus - L
magnanimous - L, Adj.

magnanimity - N. magnanimously - adv.
Noble and generous, especially in forgiving; not petty.
magnate - N.
A wealthy, influential person, especially in business.
magnitude - N
1. Greatness of importance or size.

2. The degree of brightness of a star.
megas - G
megalomania - G, N

magalomaniac - N
1. A form of metal illness in which a person has exaggerated ideas of his or her own importance.

2. An obbbsessive idea to do things on a grand scale.
poly - G
polygamy - G, N

polygumous, adj; polygamously, adv.
The system of having more than one spouse at a time.
polygon - G, N.

polygonal, adj;
polygonally, adv.
A flat shape with many straight sides.