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P-3 Fracture
bar shoe, unless extensor process, then surgery
P-2 fracture
proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis
non-comminuted P-1 fracture
Lag screws
proximal sesamoids fracture
usually remove fragment. If mid-body use hemicerclage wire or screw compression
lateral condylar fracture
lag screws
medial condylar fractures
lag screws +/- plates, can get catastrophic fracture
dorsal cortical stress fractures of Mc-3
"saucer" fracture. Rest or osteostixis
dorsal splint bone fractures
associated with suspensory desmitis. Surgically excise
middle and proximal splint bone fractures
internal fixation if proximal. If mid-shaft can also do excision
carpal and tarsal slab fractures
screw fixation for carpal. Rest for tarsal
severely comminuted P-1 fracture
External fixation- customized or transfixation cast
traumatic disruption of suspensory apparatus
fetlock arthrodesis
diaphyseal MC-3 and MT-3 fractures
2 DCP plates (guarded for survival)
ulnar fractures
ONE DCP plate or pins and wires in small horses (tension band)
radius fractures
splint if non-displaced. 2 DCPs if surgery
humerus fracture
conservative treatment if minimally displaced, 2 DCPs if surgery or interockign nail, intramedullary stack pinning
scapular fractures
rest, excercise, lag screws
tibial fracture
femoral fracture
2 DCPs, interlocking nail, intramedullary pinning
what tendon/ligament do thoroughbreds damage?
forelimb SDF and suspensory ligament
what tendon/ligament do standardbreds injure?
hindlimb suspensory ligament (suspensory branch desmitis)
What does BAPN do?
Reduces cross-linking of collagen
What does hyaluronan and PSGAGs do?
Reduce adhesions in tendon sheaths
When do you do superior check ligament desmotomy and annular ligament desmotomy?
For superficial digital flexor tendinitis
Where is the inferior check ligament?
behind the knee
When do you tendon splitting?
for acute lesions (SDF tendinitis)
Where does SDF tendon insert?
P1 and P2
WHere does DDF tendon insert?
solar surface of P3
If DDF is lacerated what happens?
Toe flips up
How do you treat laceration of SDF or DDF tendons?
Cast immobilize over 8 weeks. Heel extension shoe.
What are complications of extensor tendon laceration?
sequestration, synovial structure sepsis, dehiscence, stringhalt
How long is the lay off for proximal suspensory ligament desmitis?
8 months
What are signs of degenerative suspensory ligament disease?
Fetlock drops.
knuckle. Can't flip toe forward.
What is the surgery to correct upward fixation of the patella?
medial patellar ligament desmotomy. (don't usually do, usually strengthen quadriceps to fix)
What is curb?
long plantar ligament desmitis
How do you treat stringhalt?
lateral digital extensor tendon tenectomy to reduce proprioceptive stimulus
What couples the stifle and hock?
peronius tertius
What happens when the gastrocnemius tendon is cut?
caudal component of reciprocal apparatus is destroyed
Which muscles are effected by fibrotic myopathy?
semitendinosis, semimembranosis, biceps
Until what age can you do periosteal stripping and tran-physeal bridging in the fetlock?
4 weeks
Until what age can you do periosteal stripping and transphyseal bridging in the tarsus?
4 months
Until what age can you do periosteal stripping and transphyseal bridging in the carpus?
6 months
Where are acquired flexural deformities?
fetlock, coffin
Where are congenital flexural deformities?
fetlock, carpus
What is club foot?
coffin joint contracture
What drugs do you give when conservatively treating flexural deformities?
NSAIDs and Oxytetracycline
What surgery can be used for severe carpal flexural deformity?
ulnaris lateralis and flexor carpi ulnaris transection
How do you correct an acquired distal interphalangeal joint flexural deformity?
inferior check ligament desmotomy
How do you correct an acquired fetlock joint flexural deformity?
superior check ligament desmotomy