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O'Riley made a public announcement, or __________, stating that 12 key rebels would be put to death.
the superior councilwrote a formal _________, asking that Louis XV take control of Louisiana.
The governor forgave most of the rebels in an offical __________.
the __________ met in secret and spent many hours plotting the overthrow of Ulloa and his Spanish army.
The Superior Council with the usual form of Spanish colonialgoverment called the __________.
Convinced that thier cause was just, the people began an armed __________to drive the Spanish government from Louisiana.
In order to force Ulloa out of the colony, Lafreniere and his followers wroteand signed a formal decree of __________.
The French and Indian War was sattles when the nations involved signed a ___________and formally agreed to the terms of the document.
What was the effect of the secter treaty between Spanish and France in 1762?
Louisiana was given to Spain by France; it kept Brition from taking over Louisiana
List 3 things Ulloa did that upset the Louisiana colonists.
He refused to change the rate of money, issued strict new trading rules, and secretly got married outside the church.
How did Lafreniere and the rebels gain the support of the Acaidan and German settlers?
They spread rumers that Ulloa planed to sell the Acadians as slaves and told the Germans that he was planning to withhold the money that Spain owed them for grain.
How did Galvezattract more people to Louisiana?
He promiced new settlers all the tools and land needed to start a new home
What did Spain do during the Galvez administration to benifit Louisiana's economy?
They agreed to buy all the tobacco Louisiana could produce, allowed slaves to be brought in, allowedtrade with West Indies.
What was O'Riley's nickname?
Bloody O'Riley
Who excuited the rebels?