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The nerve used in the experiment this week is named the ___________ nerve.
The nerve to used in the experiment this week innervates the frog's _________.
The action potential is initiated in the nerve in response to stimulation that exceeds a critical value known as ___________.
The action potential is displayed by the use of a digital _________________.
The nerve contains a large number of axons; therefore the action potential measured is not from a single axon but the sum of the action potential from many axons; the action potential measured is therefore called the ______________ action potential.
Conduction velocity is determined as _____________ divided by _____________.
distance/ time
Multiple components in the action potential are seen as a consequence of different axons having diameters and different states of myelination, resulting in these axons having different ____________ ____________.
conduction velocity
The stimulus that evokes an action potential from all the axons in the nerve is known as the ______________ stimulus.
The amplitude of the action potential increases as the stimulus is increased beyond threshold because additional _________ become active.
To make the recording, the nerve is placed across a series of wires in a plastic box. Two of these electrodes are used for ______________ and two are used for _____________.
The action potential that is first recorded when the nerve is first placed in the plastic box has two phases and is known as _____________.
To convert the action potential from one having two phases to one having only a single phase one must ________ the nerve between the two recording electrodes.
Two of the wires from the plastic nerve box are connected to a differential amplifier. This amplifier records the ____________ in potential between its two inputs.
The duration of the action potential is measured in units called ___________ (unit should include power of ten).
The ____________ period is the time after an action potential during which the nerve is unable to generate a second action potential.