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In which specific type of tissue in a vascular plant water transported? ______________________
In which specific type of tissue in a vascular plant are products of photosynthesis transported? _________________________
Water exits a plant through the openings in leaves called ___________________________
The state that is kept steady in the Steady State Diffusion Porometer is the _________________ ________________ in the cuvette.
relative humidity
Pairs of cells surrounding the stoma are known as ________________ __________________
guard cells
Abscisic acid sensors are located in the __________________ __________________ of plants.
guard cells
The application of abscisic acid simulates __________________-_________________ in plants.
stomatal closure
Plants use sunlight and ________________ in the process of photosynthesis to produce ___________________ and _____________________.
CO2/ glucose/ O2
The _____________-________________ theory of water transport in plants states that water moves through the cells of the xylem under negative pressure.
? stomatal closure/ water stress
When the concentration of carbon dioxide within a leaf increases, guard cells lose ________________ _______________ and stomata close.
turgor prressure
Guard cells have ____________________ _________________ sensors.
carbon dioxide
The scientific name of the plant used in this laboratory exercise is _______________________ _____________________.
Phareobus vulgaris L.
Chlorophyll autofluoresces in the _____________________ range when excited with ____________________-___________________ light.
red. ultra violet
On the other hand, lignin autofluoresces in the _____________________ range when excited with ______________________-_______________________ light.
blue/ ultra violet
_______________________ is a complex strengthening compound found in the secondary wall of certain plant cells.
Most plants have a greater abundance of stomata on the _______________________ leaf surface.
lower (abaxial)
The first part of the laboratory activity compares the effect of different __________________ levels on the transpiration rate.
abscsic acid
The second part of the laboratory activity compare the effect of ____________________ or ________________ on the transpiration rate.
abscisic acid/ control solution (water)
__________________ and _____________________ exit leaves through the stomata and __________________________enters the leaves through the stomata
gas (O2) and water/ gas (CO2)
_____________________ ___________________ will be used to make epidermal leaf impressions.
nail polish
The lab activities will be done on the ________________________ leaves of the bean plants.
The control solution for the second lab activity uses a mixture of 1% __________________ mixed with 99% water.
In what units will the transpiration rate be measured by the steady state porometer? __________________________________
ug H2O * cm^-2 * s^-1
What units will the quantum flux density be measured?

umol phtons * s^-1 * m^-2
Crystal violet stains the middle lamella __________________, stains starch __________________ and stains mucilage __________________.
violet, violet, violet