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what muscles are the powers of labor?
The uterus is divided into what 2 segments?
Upper active segment - Fundus
Lower passive segment - Corpus
What kind of muscle cells make up the fundus?
longitudinal muscle cells which contract, relax, and retract.
What is retraction?
muscle is minutely shorter after each contraction. Only muscle in the body that retracts.
What happens to the fundus with each contraction?
Fundus gets shorter and thicker which pushes baby down.
The presenting part becomes a what?
dilating force - causes thinning or effacing.
What are the muscles of the fundus like during gestation?
What are the muscle cells of the Corpus like?
Circular fibers that relax and stretch (get thinner) during labor. Allows the baby to be pushed through fundus into corpus.
What are these muscles like during gestation?
These muscles are contracted so baby not expelled.
What happens if the corpus obstructs decent of baby?
It becomes a pathological retraction ring or Bandle's Retraction Ring.
What complication can happen of corpus obstructs decent of baby?
Lower segment could rupture because upper still pushing and lower still thinning. Not as much of a problem for baby.
What is the biggest obstruction?
Large baby.
What is meant by antagonistic response of uterine muscles?
They reverse roles from gestation to labor.
What is a physiological or Braun's retraction ring?
Where long uterine fibers meet circular corpus fibers.
What is brachystasis?
Phenomena of retraction. Long fibers of fundus retract and get shorter and thicker. Space decreases in uterus.
what happens physically during labor involving miometrial activity?
As cervix stretches and opens (dilates and effaces) miometrial activity is increasing. Contractions = miometrial activity.
Fergason's reflex?
Whole process of labor is increased with contractions and increased miometrial activity.
Uterine contractions are intermittent. How long should rest period between contractions be?
at least 1 minute.
Are contractions voluntary or involuntary?
What 4 factors is labor dependant on?
4 P's:
Passenger (baby)
Pelvis (passage)
Powers (uterine muscles, contractions)
Psychi (frame of mind)
What characteristics of the passenger (baby) effects the progress of labor?
Size of baby:
small - speeds up possibly
Way presenting - dilating force.
What shape pelvis (passage) is best?
What should happen with uterine muscles/contractions during labor (Powers)
Contractions should get longer, closer together.
Ability to push affected by abdominal muscles.
How can psychi affect labor?
If fearful - tense - effects progress.
How much above the baseline is a normal contraction?
35-60 (50-75 with 15 baseline)
A woman can feel intensity of contraction when it is how far above baseline.
25 mmhg above
How far above baseline can false labor pains be?
What is fundal dominance?
contraction begins high on fundus and radiates down on uterine body. Felt as back pain.
What controls contractions?
Pacemaker - by R fallopian tube - enters fundus - dominant pacemaker.
What happens with cervical effacement and dilatation?
as uterus elongates with every contaction and horizontal diameter decreases (gets long and narrow)
What causes cervical effacement and dilitation?
Fetal axis pressure
Hydrostatic pressure of BOW
Lower segment pulled up over the presenting part.
What happens to cause fetal axis pressure?
fundus pushes on upper pole and lower pole (head) and becomes a dilating force.
How does hydrostatic pressure of BOW affect effacement and dilitation?
before ruptured, is a dilitating force.
When might the doctor leave the BOW intact?
with a preemie to be cushion for fragile head.