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What is the name given to an enzyme that can no longer function properly?
What are the seven life processes?
Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction, Growth.
How does a virus reproduce?
It clamps onto a host cell, injects virus DNA, more viruses are created, eventually the host cell bursts open.
What is the process in which a solid becomes a gas (bypassing the liquid stage completely)
How many verbs (French) Use être as an auxillary and what are they?
13. The verbs are:
aller - to go
arriver - to arrive
descendre (redescendre) - to descend / go downstairs
entrer (rentrer) - to enter
monter (remonter) - to climb
mourir - to die
naître (renaître) - to be born
partir (repartir) - to leave
passer - to pass, spend time
rester - to stay
retourner - to return
sortir (ressortir) - to go out
tomber (retomber) - to fall
venir (devenir, parvenir, revenir) - to come

Also, all reflexive verbs use être.

Learn them!
Conjugate Faire in the second person plural.
Vous faites
Name the three magnetic metals.
Iron, Cobalt and Nickel.
Solve this simultaneous equation:
(you may want to get some paper)
2x + 4y=3
12x + 12y=12
y= 0.5, x=0.5
Name the order of the planets (include pluto)
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
What does the latin word clades, cladis (f) mean?
Disaster, Defeat.
How is the perfect participle formed in Latin?
Take the supine of a verb and add -us,a,um.
How is the present participle formed in latin?
Chop the -re of the infinitive and add the endings of ingens.
How does ingens (latin) decline?
(M+F) Nom. Acc.
Sing. amans amantem
Plural amantes amantes

(N)Nom. and Acc. are same.
Sing. Amans
Plural. Amantia